TOKYO, JAPAN – July 08, 2016 — / — NetJapan, Inc., publisher of disk imaging backup, Instant Recoverability™ disaster recovery, and virtualization software, announces the release of ActiveImage Protector 2016 R2 with new features and enhancements.

ActiveImage Protector 2016 R2 includes a new remote push install feature, a new client management console, along with other enhancements and improvements for backup, recovery and virtualization.

Install ActiveImage Protector agents and consoles on remote computers using the new push install feature. ActiveImage Protector can interface with Microsoft Windows Active Directory for enhanced network discovery. Simultaneously push install components to multiple computers for easy backup agent distribution.

The new client management console monitors status of client agents, provides one-click execution of backup tasks, and provides easy client license management.

ActiveImage Protector 2016 R2 is available in multiple editions: Virtual Edition, Server Edition, Desktop Edition, IT Pro Edition, and Linux Edition.

New Features

  • Push install for easy backup agent distribution.
  • Client management console for easy administration of backup agents.
  • Restore to smaller disks or partitions using shrink on the fly.
  • Configure partitions during restore.
  • Automatic execution of missed backup tasks after system reboot.


  • New and Improved backup and recovery options.
  • Virtualize backup images to Hyper-V or VMware vSphere hypervisors.

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