SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – August 8, 2016 — / — Zellabox adds a 12U micro data centre for small office environments to compliment its existing range of micro data centres (MDCs) that help organisations secure their confidential information, manage their IT infrastructure, and reduce cost and risk.

Big data is a massive market; the cloud is where much is now stored. For some IT users this is efficient and economic. However, there is a growing proportion of the world’s data owners who are not satisfied with “posting their confidential data” in a cloud. Cyber security is an ever-increasing concern.

For organisations needing to store data locally or needing to house communications equipment Zellabox micro data centres provide secure, managed environments at a significant cost reduction over traditional server rooms. Access is managed by Zellabox’s security solutions. The server environment is controlled and managed remotely. Zellabox micro data centres improve server security and help enforce compliance while increasing service continuity and reducing costs. By focusing only on achieving excellence in design through learning from their customers, Zellabox has grown into a world-leading supplier of IT infrastructure solutions, providing a range of MDC solutions that runs autonomously and are controlled centrally.

The business risks of cloud-based or off-site storage and server capability are well known. Data confidentiality is often compromised, and disruption to the network can have serious operational consequences. Network costs can easily get out of control with cloud-based data storage, especially for Big Data applications. Local capability with off-site or cloud-based backup can provide a faster, more secure, more cost-effective solution.

IT departments have always had problems providing smaller offices with server infrastructure. A full server room is often prohibitively expensive for the number of servers involved. Leaving the servers unprotected in an open office is an unacceptable security risk. Providing only cloud servers and storage cripples the office if there are network problems. Maintaining compliance with organisational and legal standards without a local IT presence in the office is difficult.

Zellabox solves these problems with the new 12U micro data centre. Servers are protected inside the micro data centre, which controls power, air quality and temperature. Zellabox’s security systems protect them from physical access and intrusion. Remote management tools allow IT professionals to manage the servers remotely. The servers are available locally in the event of network problems. The installation is monitored 24/7/365 even when the network is unavailable.

The new small form factor allows the micro data centres to be easily transported and installed. IT departments can install and configure new servers at the central office, and then deploy the micro data centre in one simple operation. Components within the Micro data centres can be swapped out for maintenance. Multiple micro data centres can be deployed to scale up site infrastructure. Micro data centres can be easily deployed to temporary sites without compromising the server’s security or operating environment.

This ability to deploy local hardware to support the business without risk will come as a welcome addition to CIO capabilities. The global tendency to centralise server infrastructure to data centres and rely on the network has saved costs but left many edge case scenarios unworkable.

The ability to deploy a micro data centre where needed to provide local server capabilities solves a lot of these problems. Zellabox CTO Clinton Keeler said: “We have spent the effort researching and designing this new 12U micro data centre in response to extensive customer demand for a more agile, deployable, unit. We look forward to helping our customers get their servers where they’re really needed in this micro data centre solution.”

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About Zellabox
Zellabox provides a simple solution to reducing the cost of securely housing IT and communications equipment and maintaining it at optimum operating temperatures. Zellabox’s ‘best in class’ Modular Micro Data Centre (MDC) provides a lower cost alternative to building a server room, or to housing equipment in a hot and dusty broom cupboard.

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