Survey highlights key trends in cloud migration amongst ASEAN SMEs

Gradual shift despite perennial security concerns

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA – Aug. 09, 2016 — / — Barracuda Networks, Inc. (NYSE: CUDA), a leading provider of cloud-enabled security and storage solutions, today shares key findings from a survey on cloud adoption by SMEs in the ASEAN region, including Malaysia.

According to the online survey completed by 130 IT professionals from SMEs located in Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and Indonesia – whilst cloud is now achieving heavy adoption, the overall sentiment is that SMEs lack a clear strategy in their approach to cloud implementations. Barracuda commissioned the study conducted by Data & Storage Asean (DSA) in June 2016. The survey results provide insight into the views and readiness for IT professionals to adopt cloud in their businesses, including perceived risks associated with cloud computing.

James Forbes-May, Vice President of APAC Sales shares that the survey showed that while 20 percent of responders were already extensively using cloud services, 71 percent said that they are not likely to adopt a cloud first strategy.

“At a macro level, the key findings of the survey show that while cloud adoption is high overall, the appetite to move the entire data center to cloud is still limited,” explains Forbes-May. “Additionally, 69 percent of participants reported having no preference on cloud use, which points to cloud adoption among the SMEs in the region still being very reactive.”

“A Cloud First strategy is a new development in the SME industry where, businesses prioritise moving as much of their IT processes to a cloud platform in order to minimise the on-premises foot print. So while SMEs are starting to add cloud as a part of their strategy, they are not necessarily pushing everything to cloud just yet,” adds Forbes-May.

ASEAN SMEs show concern over security of cloud adoption
One of the key finding of the survey is that nearly three quarters (73%) of ASEAN SMEs still feel that their data is most secure when under their own IT department rather than under a cloud service provider.

“Trust is a major concern for all businesses, and often the perception remains that their data is safer in their own hands. The idea of trusting faceless employees of a cloud provider is still an alien concept to many and cloud providers will need to invest time in addressing these concerns.”

“Many cloud providers have implemented enterprise level security standards, which are often not accessible or cost effective for SMEs to adopt on their own,” explains Forbes-May. “SMEs are realizing this as well, as the survey shows these SMEs are increasingly trusting cloud providers, with 42% stating they do trust that cloud providers can keep their data safe by providing fundamental tools and services to secure data.

Backup and data protection during Cloud Migration are biggest concerns
The survey results also highlight the fact that 28 percent of respondents identified backup and data recovery as their biggest concern when moving to cloud, while 26 percent identified security as their biggest concern during migration to cloud.

“More than 50 percent of ASEAN SMEs place their biggest concerns of cloud migration on security and data protection. Data migration and protection has always been the biggest headache for businesses whether on-premises or over cloud. Data protection methods have seen tremendous innovation in the last decade. We believe we have a great opportunity to enable customers with secure cloud adoption that allows them to leverage the efficiencies and scalability of the cloud, while still making sure their data and assets are safe.”

“At Barracuda, our backup solutions have evolved with the needs of our customers. While businesses have been working hard with the explosion of Big Data, shrinking IT budgets, increased mobility; Barracuda remains on track in providing innovative, powerful, affordable and easy-to-use backup solutions that enable our customers to confidently protect their data,” continues Forbes-May.

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