The new Handy Backup OneDrive plug-in allows an access to OneDrive accounts both for copying data from these accounts and for using OneDrive as a backup storage, turning the solution into a fully automatic OneDrive backup software

ALLIANCE, OH – August 9, 2016 — / — Novosoft, LLC releases the update of its popular data-safekeeping solution, Handy Backup. The key feature of this new release is an introduction of a new plug-in for backing up data to OneDrive cloud storage, turning Handy Backup into a full-scale OneDrive backup software with all functions of automation and backup controlling.

«Now our users can backup to OneDrive or save all the needed information from OneDrive accounts to different storages such as Google Drive, Dropbox, FTP or local drive. The interface of a new plug-in is a part of the Handy Backup standard GUI, requiring no bridge services or third-party software solutions for work. The new feature provides OneDrive automatic backup in a direct mode, without storing copied data to a local drive folder, which can save a lot of drive space and working time for Microsoft OneDrive backup», – tells us Anton Chmarak, the main developer of Handy Backup Team.

The Handy Backup OneDrive plug-in controls the transfer of data from or to OneDrive cloud using the direct access to OneDrive, instead of utilizing some bridge web service or a local OneDrive backup folder synchronized with the cloud storage via the dedicated OneDrive app. This method allows greater data transferring speed as well as greater security, removing all unnecessary “stops” from the process of OneDrive backup.

Users can apply this plug-in both as the data destination for their backups and as a source for copying the OneDrive content to another place. All control and management functions of Handy Backup such as file filtering, incremental and differential backup, storing versions and time-stamping, scheduling and running other programs along with a task are completely compatible with the OneDrive backup plug-in.

About Novosoft LLC
The Novosoft LLC is the software developing company with a more-than-twenty-year stage on the IT market. Novosoft creates different solutions in such areas as software developing, IT consulting and business processes integration. The product line of Novosoft includes both customized and boxed solutions, including the ever-popular Handy Backup software.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is the data copying solution produced by Novosoft LLC. The main purposes of this software are automatic backup and recovery for data of any existed type. It works under any modern version of Windows including Windows 10/8/7/Vista, Windows Server 2012(R2)/2008(R2), as well as on remote machines running under Linux. The program can backup and restore the information of any type including databases, FTPs, website content, different files and folders (including selecting by user-defined masks), as well as whole hard disk images.

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