Strategic Partnership Increases eDiscovery Efficiency While Reducing Risk of Data Spoliation

SUNNYVALE, CA – Aug 30, 2016 — / — Druva, the leader in cloud data protection and information management, and Exterro® Inc., the preferred provider of software specifically designed for in-house legal and IT teams at Global 2000 and AmLaw 200 organizations, today announced a new integration that greatly simplifies and reduces the cost of the eDiscovery process. The new solution enables legal teams to easily administer and manage legal holds directly from Exterro’s Platform while leveraging Druva inSync’s legal hold APIs to seamlessly collect, preserve and ingest dispersed enterprise data from endpoints and cloud applications into its platform. This direct ingestion of data allows legal teams to focus on the review, analysis and production of data that is relevant to the matter. The innovative cloud-to-cloud solution enables legal teams to utilize a single platform for eDiscovery while ensuring no data on legal hold travels over unprotected networks, safeguards the chain of custody and significantly reduces the risk of data spoliation.

“The partnership between Druva and Exterro is truly the next generation of eDiscovery for legal and IT,” said Dave Packer, VP of Corporate and Product Marketing, Druva. “Growing data volumes, cloud services options and an often overwhelming number of mobile devices proliferating throughout organizations continue to add to the complexity of eDiscovery. Reducing costs, inefficiencies and risks related to the eDiscovery process remains key to addressing the challenges facing these organizations. Partnering with leaders such as Exterro ensures Druva will continue to lead the industry in innovating solutions to solve global eDiscovery challenges.”

With the majority of Fortune 1000 corporations now spending between $5 million and $10 million annually on eDiscovery, the process is an integral and expensive part of all companies’ legal activities. Ensuring data is properly preserved and collected is not only one of the most vital parts of the process, it can also be time-intensive and costly. Once data is placed on legal hold and preserved, it must be imported into an eDiscovery system for analysis and review, which often requires the shipment of disks and tapes. Without an integrated platform and orchestrated tasks and activities to manage this process, there are deep concerns of potential data spoliation risks, which could result in compromising a legal matter due to the use of varying media types and the multiple handoffs of data.

To simplify this process, Druva inSync stores end-user data from across the enterprise, ensuring it’s readily accessible in case of a legal hold request. Combined with Exterro’s eDiscovery platform, once inSync receives a legal hold request, ingestion can be started within minutes. The automation of the legal hold process through the Exterro console directly connects into inSync and orchestrates the entire process. Data transfer happens completely in the cloud, system to system, thus eliminating risky manual transfers and reducing analysis and review time.

“Exterro has always been committed to delivering eDiscovery and information governance solutions that help companies manage information assets more efficiently,” said Bill Piwonka, CMO, Exterro. “Our work with Druva reaffirms this commitment, as cloud-to-cloud eDiscovery helps our joint clients reduce collection times, processing times and data handling risk. By removing traditional complexities associated with data transfer, we facilitate easy access to relevant legal evidence, enabling businesses to quickly and cost-efficiently get to the facts of the case.”

Druva and Exterro have expanded their respective data protection and eDiscovery platforms, enabling organizations to significantly reduce the time, cost and risk associated with traditional approaches to eDiscovery through:

  • Automatic legal hold, in place preservation, collection and processing from Exterro – Exterro’s eDiscovery suite leverages Druva inSync’s legal hold APIs to seamlessly collect, preserve and ingest dispersed enterprise data from endpoints and cloud applications into its platform.
  • Data collection and preservation – Druva inSync proactively collects and manages company data across an organization’s laptops, desktops, mobile devices, as well as its cloud applications. Data can be placed on legal hold and ready for transfer to the Exterro platform within seconds, augmenting data collected from other enterprise sources through the Exterro platform.
  • Data transfer and ingestion – Druva inSync and Exterro are both native cloud, leveraging the proven infrastructure of Amazon Web Services. Data is transferred quickly and securely within the Amazon cloud, meaning no insecure networks or physical media. It also maintains a critical clear chain of custody.
  • Data review – With high-speed ingestion from Druva inSync, without the legacy challenges of limited compute and fixed infrastructure, Exterro makes data available for analysis and review faster. Exterro can reduce the overall downstream eDiscovery process times.

Cloud-based eDiscovery is available today from Druva and Exterro.  Integration with Exterro will be included as part of the Druva inSync Elite subscription at no additional charge and the joint solution will be generally available in Q4 2016.

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