AT JENKINS WORLD, SANTA CLARA, CA – September 14, 2016 – / — Panzura®, the leading provider of hybrid cloud storage for the enterprise, today announced a new offering targeted for the Jenkins Community to accelerate global build distributions. The new offering leverages Panzura’s patented hybrid cloud storage software to enable developers and DevOps teams to bring rapid innovations to market faster by streamlining product and project development workflows. Whether organizations have fully adopted DevOps, are in the process of bringing DevOps principles into the organization, or doing global software development and testing, Panzura can be used to dramatically reduce the time it takes to globally distribute build files and artifacts.

Panzura allows geographically separated teams to work in parallel by using a cloud hub-and-spoke distribution model along with global deduplication to help enable continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous testing. Once a software build or artifact is complete, it is written to a local Panzura controller and immediately available at controllers in other global locations. This enables real-time access, collaboration and distribution of builds anytime, anywhere for DevOps teams. Panzura controllers can be deployed both on-premise or in the cloud in any number of source or destination sites. Panzura’s technology is leveraged as one component of Electronic Arts (EA) continuous delivery process and has enabled EA to reduce the time to globally distribute software between sites from 10 hours to a few minutes. This in turn enabled hundreds of different builds and artifacts to be globally distributed per day.

“As DevOps teams are more globally distributed and more applications are built using multiple developers, speed and quality are essential to the CI process. Panzura’s technology improves developer productivity and efficiency,” said Patrick Harr, chief executive officer, Panzura. “We are excited to bring this technology to the Jenkins community. Our enterprise customers have been able to shift left successfully by enabling continuous delivery and using our technology to do so.”

Key benefits of today’s update:

  • Increase in productivity by reducing global software build distribution time by up to 97 percent
  • Dramatically improve continuous testing and delivery by increasing the number of global test cycles by 10X
  • No change to existing continuous workflow and applications
  • Enable globally dispersed, low-cost QA centers

“When Jenkins dials up speed of software delivery to eleven, everything else needs to run faster. Storage is no exception,” commented Kohsuke Kawaguchi, Jenkins founder and CTO at CloudBees, the hub of enterprise Jenkins and DevOps. “Panzura’s ability to enable real-time access and distribution of builds allow global teams to collaborate and tests to run in massive scales.”

Panzura will be exhibiting in booth K14 at Jenkins World, held at the Santa Clara Convention Center, from Tuesday, September 13, through Thursday, September 15. The conference is expected to bring together the largest number of Jenkins users, experts and partners in the world.”

About Panzura
Consolidating over two petabytes of primary enterprise storage into the cloud per month, Panzura is the market leader in enterprise hybrid cloud storage. Panzura’s hybrid cloud storage software seamlessly combines the economics, capacity, and business model of cloud storage with the flexibility, performance and features of enterprise storage. Using Panzura, enterprises shift from an antiquated storage status quo model into the cloud and unlock the power of data. Organizations like the Department of Justice, Electronic Arts, Milwaukee Tool, and National Instruments use Panzura for Hybrid Cloud Storage use cases such as cloud-integrated NAS, global software distribution, high value asset distribution, cross-site collaboration, and active archive. Please for further information.

Media Contact:
Bruce Clarke
Director of Product Marketing, Panzura
408-578-8888 x 238

Source: Panzura



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