Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt Provides Secure Data Storage and Bypasses Unintended Network Jurisdictions, Reducing CapEx and Provisioning Time

LOS ANGELES, CA – Dec. 21, 2016 — / — Cloud Constellation Corporation today announced that it has entered into a service provision agreement with Zettabox to help companies meet new European Union data protection laws as well as data sovereignty laws worldwide. Zettabox is the only cloud storage and collaboration platform that the European Commission calls “genuinely European.” Teaming with Cloud Constellation’s SpaceBelt™ provides a global solution for companies to comply not just with new EU rules, but also to meet the rapidly growing number of data sovereignty regulations worldwide.

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U.S. companies doing business in Europe must comply with data privacy regulations, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or face regulatory fines up to four percent of their worldwide revenue. SpaceBelt’s unique global cloud network is designed to provide secure cloud storage and transport of mission-critical sensitive data, end-to-end and without interruption or exposure to any surreptitious elements or unintended network jurisdictions. From North Africa to Russia and the United Arab Emirates – data sovereignty rules are proliferating, and the Zettabox/Cloud Constellation offer allows enterprises to store data once and meet all data sovereignty requirements at the same time.

  • Independent of the internet: Cloud Constellation is building SpaceBelt, a secure space-based cloud storage network ring around the planet to provide infrastructure that is completely independent of the internet and leased lines, increasing data safety and removing jurisdictional concerns.
  • Cost savings: By enabling the cloud to be served from a single customer site worldwide, SpaceBelt will dramatically reduce infrastructure investments currently required of cloud service providers for the purpose of European jurisdictional compliance.
  • Satellite storage: Zettabox will store corporate and government cloud content on SpaceBelt’s satellites, maintaining data protection for Europeans and data sovereignty worldwide while giving businesses greater control and ownership of their data. For instance, with the Zettabox/Cloud Constellation offer, Office 365 users will be able to create content with the productivity tools they already use but store that content in space.

James Kinsella, CEO, Zettabox, said: “Navigating the regulatory waters of European data regulations can be treacherous, so our goal is to help U.S. organizations remain compliant without tremendous effort and expense. SpaceBelt’s unique value proposition will enable us to offer greater data security, speed and cost savings to our enterprise and government clients.”

Scott Sobhani, Cloud Constellation CEO and co-founder, said: “As data threats have increased worldwide, restrictions on data flow have created a legal morass and financial burden on organizations that move mission-critical information internationally. Zettabox understands the need and had already created a fully European cloud storage, backup and collaboration solution. Now they are looking to space to provision any customer site or desktop around the world in less than a third of a second from just one location without any loss of jurisdictional control.”

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