Elastifile delivers breakthrough scale, performance and consumption pricing for the most demanding on-premises, in-cloud, and hybrid workloads

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 5, 2017 — / — Elastifile, the enterprise hybrid cloud data management company, today launched its software-only, scale-out, elastic and flash-native solution that delivers hyperscale efficiency to enterprises and cloud service providers. Elastifile frees data from its traditional hardware and site silos to enable Hybrid IT, with unprecedented scale and consistent, all-flash performance across a true global namespace to consolidate and migrate any workloads, whether on-premises or in the public cloud.

As the first distributed file system built from scratch for the cloud and for flash, Elastifile offers robust enterprise data services with linear scale-out performance, consistent latency, and granular check-in/check-out object tiering for data migration and backup. Elastifile enables true hybrid IT and dynamic cloud workflows across all sites, eliminating the traditional storage barriers and hardware vendor lock-in. And, with a breakthrough pay-as-you-grow subscription model for both on-premises and in-cloud primary storage, Elastifile offers easy consumption-based pricing.

“The Elastifile Cloud File System provides a new primary storage and data management option, while also providing cloud-like elastic efficiency through its OpEx pricing model based on consumption,” said Henry Baltazar, Research Director, 451 Research. “A distributed file system with advanced features such as QoS allows for the kind of scalability and elasticity that’s become so imperative to enterprises that are moving to and maintaining hybrid cloud deployments. Automatic migration between on-prem and public clouds helps enable the level of agility that clients are demanding, and which is not found in traditional software defined storage environments.”

“Enterprises have struggled to safely migrate to the cloud their most demanding applications, with all their performance, availability, and data services requirements,” said Amir Aharoni, CEO and co-founder of Elastifile. “With Elastifile, they can do so immediately, without refactoring, and with scale-out consistent performance and mobility to innovate true hybrid cloud workflows.”

Elastifile was designed to provide the application readiness of file with the scale of cloud and the performance of flash, and to extend those capabilities efficiently and transparently to object/cloud tiers as well. The architecture is based on a patented, distributed metadata model and its Bizur consensus algorithm. Combined with innovative adaptive network and data placement, Elastifile provides consistent 1-2 millisecond latency at any scale in noisy and heterogeneous cloud environments. All this allows any workload to meet any enterprise SLA in the cloud or data center. Advanced data reduction (global deduplication, compression, and snapshot shipping) and CloudConnect object tiering give all this a TCO that is 50-90% lower than its alternatives, including traditional arrays, hyperconverged infrastructure appliances, and cloud services like Amazon Elastic File System.

Elastifile’s enterprise and service provider customers are transforming their businesses with new abilities to lift and shift data and applications to the cloud, move production workloads into stateful containers, deliver integrated analytics, and, of course, support high-performance NAS use cases.

“Elastifile is helping us solve two of our biggest agility challenges for our analytics and cloud services: data mobility and performance,” said Paul Camacho, SVP Cloud Products & Services at Innova Solutions. “Its elastic scale-out performance and CloudConnect object and cloud tiering is enabling our transition to containerized micro services and a multi-cloud analytics delivery model. At the same time, Elastifile helps us finally align our infrastructure costs to our true demand and avoid vendor lock-in at both the cloud provider and hardware levels.”

“WWT evaluated Elastifile, and we came away very impressed,” said James Weiser, World Wide Technology’s SDS Practice Lead. “As a new distributed file system, it proved out to be a high-performance architecture with built-in resiliency, all while being able to scale to extremely large deployments. Our customers are looking for new, cost-effective ways to use software-defined storage solutions, both to solve traditional datacenter challenges and enable new hybrid cloud breakthroughs. We see a great opportunity to partner with Elastifile to provide a unique solution that is unmatched in the industry.”

“We set out to reinvent data management for the enterprise cloud era,” said Aharoni. “Our architecture provides the agility, scalability and consistent quality of service that organizations need for today’s hybrid IT and dynamic cloud workflows like Lift & Shift, integrated analytics, production container workloads, and HPC. And we are purposefully obliterating the traditional storage appliance/perpetual license pricing model, offering the first true subscription/consumption pricing approach with elastic bring-your-own-hardware. Free your data, free your business!”

To demonstrate its capabilities both on-premises and in-cloud, Elastifile has benchmarked several proof points. For a commodity, on-premises hardware cluster deployment with a total cost under $100K, Elastifile demonstrated both throughput over 10 Gigabytes per second and high transactional performance over 630,000 IOPS, enabling cost-effective consolidation and acceleration of the most demanding enterprise workloads. In addition, a recent deployment on the Google Cloud Platform demonstrated Elastifile’s ability to linearly scale performance to support 10,000 simultaneous client connections, generated by 1,000 containerized applications. For all these workloads, at all scalability points, latency remains consistently between 1-2 milliseconds.

Steve Duplessie, Founder and Senior Analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group proclaimed, “Finally we’re beginning to see what happens when we combine the accessibility of cloud with the file requirements of real businesses. No more restrictions, no more throwing endless hardware all over the globe, and no more data management nightmares. Hats off to Elastifile!”

Elastifile is currently available, with dozens of customers across private, public and hybrid clouds. For more information, check them out at

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About Elastifile
Elastifile is redefining the way data is stored and managed, enabling seamless deployment of private and hybrid cloud solutions. With enterprises and service providers increasingly looking to support both on-premises and cloud workflows, Elastifile uniquely delivers this data management to application, analytics, and infrastructure teams as the single global namespace of a distributed file/object system. This elastic, scale-out, software-defined BYOH (bring-your-own-hardware) solution brings all the advantages of public IaaS to the data center and all the enterprise data services to the hybrid cloud.

Elastifile was founded in 2013 and is backed by seven market leaders from across the data center and storage industries, Battery Ventures, and Lightspeed Venture Partners. Elastifile’s founders and leadership team includes a powerful mix of experience across enterprise storage, virtualization, applications, and flash to help transform its customers’ hybrid cloud workflows.

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