80% of a recent Huffington Post/YouGov survey respondents reported being “somewhat” or “very” concerned about the privacy of personal information online

TAMPA, FL – June 27, 2017 — / — 2016 was a year that brought cyber security into the spotlight of many major stories. From affecting the US Presidential Election to toppling the biggest corporations in the world, hacking was no longer a distant concern. The average person was exposed by the media to the perils of poor security and how ill prepared even the Joint Chiefs of Staff were.

People today have a right to be concerned about hacking and how cybersecurity touches their daily lives. But a Tampa firm has developed a new secure solution for consumers who need instant secure access to their personal documents and information, and helping them stay better organized in their day-to-day lives. Many, faced with the morning news of hacking, still worry about the privacy of the data they store on their computers or in the cloud.

Confronting this issue head-on, YourLifeArchive Inc, the leader in “organized” cloud storage has released the “next generation” secure organized storage application – TheOneFile™ that resides in a “security-hardened” datacenter at Armor, The First Totally Secure Cloud Company.

The unequalled level of information security safeguards provided by this arrangement gives users even more “peace of mind” for those who have busy, complex lives that demand “instant access” to documents, instructions, and other important information.

YourLifeArchive pioneered providing users a “pre-organized” way to record and maintain their personal documents using an easy-to-use online “file cabinet” with 123 folders already created, into which users can create an unlimited number of records containing instructions, documents, images, and media. Unlike competitors the company has no usage surcharge regardless of the amount of secure storage that’s used.

Another TheOneFile first is the “DataVault™” that enables users to share a secure copy of their specified information/documents to specifically designated parties. This feature protects the user’s personal, private database from any and all 3rd party access.

Jim Kissane, CEO/founder of TheOneFile, adds, “In today’s digital world you need to backup, protect and preserve your “digital life” which includes the priceless information, documents, and images that no insurance company can replace. We’ve made this simple and easy to do removing fears that your personal private information will be hacked”.

The company invites people to accept their free 30 day trial of the TheOneFile.

Jim Kissane
YourLifeArchive, Inc.

YourLifeArchive, Inc.
3030 N Rocky Point Dr, Ste 150
Tampa, FL
USA, 33607

Source: YourLifeArchive, Inc.



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