Since the launch just over two months ago, AetherStore has quickly been adopted throughout the world, providing reliable, onsite, cloud-like backup using only software

NEW YORK, NY – June 28, 2017 — / — AetherWorks, a software research and venture development firm based in New York, announces today that it has reached over 10,000 users across 100 in countries since the launch of its software-defined storage solution AetherStore, and over 3,000 in June alone. AetherStore pools spare storage from a home or office’s existing computers to create large, encrypted, on-site drives. Offering high availability, fast local data reads, and intelligent self-healing, AetherStore provides onsite storage without the cost of purchasing and maintaining additional hardware. When used as a backup target, AetherStore compliments the cloud by providing a fast, private, local copy of the data without having to download it from the internet.

“By taking advantage of spare hard drive space and existing hardware, AetherStore provides a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly computer storage solution,” said Robert MacInnis, Ph.D., CEO and Founder of AetherWorks. “Rather than asking businesses and IT professionals to purchase, power, cool, maintain, and then ultimately recycle new hardware every time an upgrade is available, AetherStore users can save significant time and resources by using this software, which is downloadable in minutes. Given the vast amount of energy required to manufacture new computers and the high rates of e-waste produced worldwide, users throughout the world see a positive impact from AetherStore.”

The reach of AetherStore has rapidly grown to extend across the globe, including many emerging and frontier markets. India, Brazil, South Africa, Philippines, Georgia, Russia, China, Pakistan, Argentina, Malaysia, Thailand, Nigeria, Indonesia, Egypt, and Mongolia are all included in their extensive deployment list.

“We are glad to see how quickly AetherStore is being adopted throughout the world, especially in countries with intermittent or unreliable infrastructure,” said Allan Boyd, Chief Operating Officer of AetherWorks. “More and more, we are seeing that these users view our product as an opportunity to create an affordable, highly reliable onsite, cloud-like backup, using only software. We are proud to solve this pain point for the many IT professionals worldwide struggling to safeguard data and cut costs.”

About AetherWorks
AetherWorks is a software research and venture development firm dedicated to bringing original, high quality technology to market. AetherWorks specializes in distributed systems and has patented technology in software-defined storage and fog computing. Current development projects include AetherStore, a distributed storage solution, and ActiveAether, an internet-scale architecture for the demand-driven deployment of software services using geographically-appropriate resources. For more information, visit

Cari Sommer
Sommer Communications Group
+1 646-480-7683

Source: AetherWorks



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