Alliance, Ohio – October 30, 2017 — / — Novosoft LLC releases the new version 7.9.4 fits free backup software solution called Handy Backup Free for Cloud. This new tool contains renewed, refined plug-ins for accessing the most popular cloud services Dropbox, Google Drive and Yandex.Disk. Some internal algorithms also have many changes, providing even more smooth, quick and versatile backup to cloud services than before.

Besides commercial online backup solutions, the IT world has a strong need for free, easy-to-use cloud backup software. Some popular remote service providers allow downloading simple backup utilities linked to their clouds, although a more common need for a versatile, flexible online backup utility with many typical functions necessary for automatic cloud backup. To suit these needs, Handy Backup Development Team releases a fresh update for its free backup software tool – Handy Backup Free for Cloud, a non-commercial solution allowing backing up data online to most popular cloud services: Google Drive, Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive and well-developed Asian cloud called Yandex.Disk, as well as to its own secured vault for remote backup – a HBDrive cloud.

Anton Chmarak, the Head of Handy Backup Team, says about this new remote backup software: «We have made even more efficient free backup tool than the previous version. In a new version, the three most used plug-ins, Dropbox, Google Drive and Yandex.Disk contain many crucial changes and refinements according to constantly upgrading cloud API possibilities. In addition, we modify the internal algorithms to set the effectiveness of these procedures to a current maximum level. Therefore, our new Free for Cloud version goes even faster than before, with the same or superior level of backup reliability».

The new Handy Backup Free for Cloud 7.9.4 provides modified “Dropbox”, “Google Drive” and “Yandex.Disk” cloud backup tools, allowing making quick and stable access to appropriate remote backup service accounts as backup destinations. Besides the renewed plug-ins, Handy Backup Free for Cloud 7.9.4 has some internal improvements for different functions and methods of backing up and restoring data. These improvements help making online backup and recovery procedures faster, smoother and more reliable, which can have an extra importance when using online backup via the Internet and public cloud providers.

About Novosoft LLC
The Novosoft LLC is a software company making business-level solutions for different areas of industry, as well as for system integration and making daily IT jobs more efficient. Among the solutions provided by Novosoft is the NERPA EAM/EPR system, the Handy Backup automated backup software, the ASOMI metrological software solution (now a part of NERPA) and some other tools bringing the Novosoft production growing popularity among companies and individual users throughout the world. All production of Novosoft has reasonable price tags, reliable tech support, partnership programs and customization options, providing the convenient business models for both customers and associated business partners.

About Handy Backup Free for Cloud
A free version of the popular Handy Backup solution, the Free for Cloud edition has a capability to back up files and folders from local and shared network resources to popular commercial clouds, including Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox and Yandex.Disk. Besides these clouds, the free edition of Handy Backup can save data to its own secured backup storage – HBDrive. The program supports Windows, including versions 10/8.1/8/7/Vista and Windows Server 2016/2012(R2)/2008(R2). Functionality of the free edition allows making “hot” backups, full or partial backups (incremental, differential or mixed), creating versions, encrypting, compressing, scheduling backup tasks, as well as making automatic recovery of remote backup data.

A difference between the Free for Clouds edition and commercial Handy Backup products is a limited set of data and storage plug-ins. Commercial solutions of Handy Backup can provide automatic backup for databases, virtual machines, disk images, use different local, network and cloud storages as remote backup solutions. And so on. In addition, most limited commercial editions of Handy Backup allow purchasing extra plug-ins, which is impossible in the case of Handy Backup Free for Clouds.

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