SaaS hybrid backup, storage and recovery solution reevert has released their 1.12.0 firmware update

GLENDALE, CA – January 10, 2018 — / — SaaS hybrid backup, storage and recovery solution reevert has released their 1.12.0 firmware update. Existing virtual and hardware appliances can be upgraded via the admin panel, or on Amazon Marketplace. Reevert has also expanded their capabilities and is able to integrate with numerous cloud storage alternatives to serve their small and medium sized business clients’ needs.

These recent changes add to an improved, overall UI experience while using the reevert appliance. The changes add support for share level authentication, An On-Demand snapshot creation system and A Search Engine for the Quick Restores system. This provides the capability to quickly locate a lost file or folder if the exact location is unknown.

Another important new feature on the reevert appliance is the ability to backup Mac, Linux and Unix based computers using backup sets. This adds full spectrum backup capability which already included Windows Desktops and Servers.

Reevert has also added new cloud storage providers including Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Outscale, DreamObjects and AuroraObjects to allow more flexibility when it comes to cloud storage selection. Additionally, reevert has also added support for On-Prem, Multi-Cloud and Hybrid Cloud Storage Solutions including Scality, Minio, Ceph,, Cloudian, RiakS2, LeoFS and PureStorage, since a large number of enterprises use these solutions.

Reevert is an all-in-one hybrid virtual backup and recovery solution designed to provide extra protection against ransomware attacks: one of the most serious contemporary security threats to small and midsize businesses. With seamless hourly backups, it keeps important information stored in a safe location, so that it can be quickly restored in the wake of a ransomware attack or another disaster that wipes out locally stored data.

The recent improvements to reevert have advanced its ease of use, making it a more accessible and intuitive experience for the user. For more specific technical information, please visit our website.

Taylor Ridge

Source: reevert