Cloudify is designed to improve system performance through cloud-native TOSCA orchestration

NEW YORK, NY – February 1, 2018 — / — The NTT DATA INTELLILINK Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, has chosen Cloudify’s open source cloud-native orchestration platform as a preferred TOSCA orchestration framework and is now offering Cloudify to its IT systems integration customers throughout the world.

The Cloudify orchestration framework is designed to improve system performance through cloud application and configuration automation. In addition to managing a wide variety of on-premises servers, clouds and network devices, Cloudify can manage multiple clouds simultaneously as well as automate cloud infrastructure and application changes.

NTT DATA INTELLILINK—a subsidiary of NTT DATA, one of the world’s largest IT companies—provides turnkey support services, including system integration consulting, customized development of managed cloud infrastructure and network equipment, and managed services. These offerings enable data center operators and telecom carriers to reduce IT operational management and maintenance costs through infrastructure automation and configuration management.

NTT DATA INTELLILINK has validated the Cloudify orchestration framework technology, which automates not only the application stack installation and deployment processes but also post-deployment processes such as monitoring, auto-healing, updating and auto-scaling. Cloudify can also orchestrate OpenStack or other on-premise cloud infrastructure, public clouds such as AWS and Azure, and other infrastructure technologies such as Docker containers.

Leveraging the hands-on know-how acquired during the Cloudify validation process, NTT DATA INTELLILINK will begin integrating Cloudify in order to achieve OPEX reduction for its customers.

Some of the features of Cloudify, which NTT DATA INTELLILINK now encourages its customers to use, are:

  • Full lifecycle management: The technology is an orchestration platform that doesn’t just automate the initial phases, such as installation and setup, but also makes it possible to monitor all post-deployment changes and add resources during runtime. This allows for automatic scaling functions as well as intelligent, automatic backup through centralized management, monitoring, scaling, and recovery operations.
  • Standard & model driven through TOSCA: The technology is TOSCA-compliant and enables the application topology to be defined in a manner that is agnostic to the specific cloud or network equipment. This allows users to orchestrate the entire system without having to have intimate knowledge of the different operational aspects of the controlled devices.
  • Compatible with a variety of plugins: Plugins are provided to enable better control of clouds (such as OpenStack and AWS), infrastructure (such as VMware and Docker), network equipment (Netconf), and tools (such as Chef, Puppet, SSH, etc.). This simplifies the unified control and management by the operator through minimal verification and implementation of a wide variety of controlled components.
  • Easy implementation of custom scripts and plugins: Since Cloudify is open source software, it is possible to implement any functionality that is not provided out of the box through custom scripts and plugins. This enables greater flexibility for users to adapt the product to their needs.

Supporting Quotes

Kanji Ikeda, Senior Vice President, NTT DATA INTELLILINK
“NTT DATA INTELLILINK’s strength lies in our ability to augment our comprehensive IT design and integration expertise by rapidly incorporating the latest open architecture technologies and products. Cloudify is a cutting-edge, innovative orchestration product that meets our standards for reliability, scalability and performance, and it enhances our ability to engineer IT systems that transform and expand our customers’ businesses.”

Moshé Weizman, Director, Partnerships and Alliances, Cloudify
“NTT DATA INTELLILINK shares Cloudify’s commitment to enabling organizations to design, build and deliver core business applications and network services more economically, without compromising security or simplicity. We’re delighted to partner with one of the world’s leading IT companies and highly value the endorsement they offer us to their customers in the APAC region and around the globe.”

About Cloudify
Cloudify specializes in IT operations automation technology that manages application and network services through open orchestration. The company’s Cloudify software enhances the velocity and reliability of software deployment, lifecycle management and network functions in cloud-native environments. Built and maintained by an open source community, Cloudify is used by telecoms, internet service providers, financial services firms, e-commerce companies and others for NFV operations and cloud management & orchestration.

Cloudify is spearheading open standard initiatives in cloud management and NFV and is the leading orchestration provider behind the TOSCA specification. Cloudify is a founding member of ONAP, a consortium defining open source, next-generation network automation standards, and an active member in OASIS and ETSI standard bodies.

Cloudify has corporate offices in the US, Europe and Asia. More at

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