Premier’s Move Demonstrates Changing Role of Rural Local Exchange Carriers

OVERLAND PARK, KANSAS – Feb. 14, 2018 — / — Codero Holdings, Inc. (Codero), a leader in managed hosting services and technology enablement, today released a case study showing the success of rural local exchange carrier (RLEC) Premier Communications in its expansion to full-service IT consulting and business continuity solutions for northwest Iowa businesses. As a company that serves and is privately owned by a nationwide cooperative of RLECs, Codero has identified the expansion to IT services and related solutions as a growing trend among RLECs.

Driving this trend is the transformation the telecommunications industry has undergone during the past two decades from voice and cable TV services to not only providing Internet service but managed hosting, storage, business continuity solutions, and more. Today’s rural small businesses need anywhere, any-device access to these services, but may not have the in-house resources or expertise to architect, deploy, or manage their own IT.

As detailed in the case study, Premier Communications launched an IT consultation division called Premier Network Solutions to meet this customer need. This division consists of six consultants and soon grew to help more than 50 business customers in their service area achieve and maintain their optimal IT infrastructure.

As part of this movement toward meeting small business needs, Premier also began reselling Codero Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) through the Codero Partner Program. Disasters, cyber attacks, human error, and other technology challenges that lead to data loss can be fatal for small businesses if they do not have data recovery skills, strategies, and technology in place. Part of Premier’s job has been to educate customers on the importance of backup and recovery through marketing collateral, Chamber of Commerce presentations, and sales team talking points.

Codero supports Premier and its customers throughout the sales and implementation process for each of these services, providing a consultative approach to IT architecture as well as ongoing management and support.

“With Codero, we know we’re offering our customers some of the most reliable, full-featured cloud backup and DRaaS solutions around, and they’re going to have a good experience if they ever have to recover data. We hope they never have to actually use the products, but the fact that we offer them elevates Premier in our customers’ eyes and gives them more peace of mind as they operate their businesses,” Premier CTO Frank Bulk said in the case study.

“Evolution is inevitable, for both RLECs and their customers. Partnering with the right people can make digital transformation less of a burden and more of an opportunity for growth, savings, and success,” Codero Chief Revenue Officer Ric Riddle added. “Premier recognized distinct customer needs — IT architecture and management, as well as business continuity solutions — and responded by deploying a combination of in-house resources and resold services in partnership with Codero.”

Both Codero and Premier Communications will participate in the NTCA 2018 Rural Telecom Industry Meeting & Expo (RTIME), taking place February 25–28 in Austin, Texas. At this convention, Codero will discuss how RLECs can take advantage of the Codero Partner Program and support services to make launching their own IT solutions and consulting services easier and more successful. Read more about this growing trend –

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Amee Kent
Director of Marketing

Source: Codero



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