New agent delivers a secure path to cost-optimized object storage while native copy capabilities protect against ransomware risks

RANCHO SANTA MARGARITA, Calif. – April 05, 2018 — / — SecurityFirst today announces the addition of a multi-tenant, highly available Object Store Agent to its DataKeep™ data-centric security solution, allowing customers to leverage low-cost and infinitely scalable storage located on-premises or within cloud environments without sacrificing data security and privacy. Additionally, new commands for existing file and volume data protection agents combine to help mitigate ransomware attacks.

“With the explosion in the amount of data created and stored every day, security and costs have become touchstones of concern for nearly every enterprise,” said Jim Varner, President and CEO of SecurityFirst. “Object storage is an increasingly attractive option for infrequently used data, backups and archives that also offers relatively rapid retrieval options. And because it is focused on rarely used data, it can cost effectively accommodate large data volumes while meeting key compliance requirements. By bringing the Object Store Agent to the DataKeep family, we enable superior data-level protection and allow customers to take advantage of this type of storage option without compromising data security.”

Key DataKeep product enhancements and benefits include:

Greater Autonomy – From supporting Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) through to creating policies that dictate more granular access permissions, the Object Store Agent gives companies expanded enterprise-level control and capabilities. The Object Store Agent enables organizations to encrypt data and maintain complete control of encryption keys on the client side before sending to local or cloud object storage within Amazon S3 compatible environments.

Cost Optimization – Companies across industries such as financial, legal, insurance, medical, government and others, who are required to archive large volumes of data for long periods of time, can now benefit from the object storage value of smarter, infinitely scalable, and a lower-cost storage alternative to premium cloud, disk or tape storage.

Enhanced Backup and Restore Capabilities via DataKeep File and Volume Agents – Allows companies to easily copy, move, restore or conduct an encrypted full or incremental backup of files. This capability, coupled with the Object Store Agent, provides the most practical ransomware mitigation strategy.

Increased Resiliency and Improved Data Loss Prevention (DLP) – Leveraging the Object Store Agent’s ability to support M of N distributed shares, companies can encrypt, split (or shard) and distribute data across multiple cloud environments, on-premises or any combination, for high availability. For example, SecurityFirst’s patented M of N structure in the Object Store Agent, such as 2:3, shards the data into three shares, but only needs any two of the shares to recover the data. When combined with the File or Volume Agent’s native encrypted copy capabilities, companies can leverage the Object Store Agent’s secure cloud backup and archival capabilities to help improve resiliency, especially when guarding against ransomware attacks.

“Our customers have spoken, and each of these features play directly to their IT security goals. The first was a native, secure backup and recovery solution to reduce complexity. The second, was for the ability to leverage object storage solutions with security, confidence and control. The Department of Homeland Security has strongly stated that an effective backup and recovery solution is the best mitigation to a ransomware attack. This is exactly what our customers need today,” added Varner.

DataKeep is a family of software-only, data-centric security agents, all managed from a centralized console or API. It is a universal solution that can secure structured or unstructured components of any and all sensitive data, no matter where it resides. Whereas most products require a complex combination of hardware and software — making it costly and difficult to implement — SecurityFirst’s approach simplifies the entire process, enabling resellers, service providers and their customers to implement, manage and maintain data encryption and access control services more easily. DataKeep also delivers role-based access control, privileged access management and separation of duties, as well as real-time access logging for auditability – all in a certified data protection solution.

The Object Store Agent will be commercially available in June 2018, however SecurityFirst is inviting interested companies to take part in its Object Store Agent Beta program beginning in May 2018. For more information on superior data security solutions or to sign up for the SecurityFirst Object Store Agent Beta program, visit:

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SecurityFirst™ specializes in data-centric solutions as means of protecting an organization’s sensitive data. We emphasize security at the data layer itself to augment network, hardware and software security to serve as the last line of defense. As organizations and governments mandate stricter requirements for data privacy, SecurityFirst helps protect data from compromise and exposure around the globe.

DataKeep™, by SecurityFirst, secures critical data at its core to deliver unrivaled protection, control and resiliency. Customer-defined access policies, strong encryption and event logging combine to complete your data privacy and compliance needs.

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