• Telekom Cloud Backup adresses companies that process or generate large data volumes and protects both workstations such as PCs and laptops, as well as servers;
  • The solution is based on high performing and secure datacenters for data storage and damage or loss prevention;
  • Complete data security all through the data flow due to the advanced encryption technologies and   SSL connections;
  • Based on Veeam Cloud Connect technology, the solution is simple and easy to use, does not require investments in additional IT infrastructure and is available on monthly subscription.

BUCHAREST, ROMANIA – June 12, 2018 — /BackupReview.info/ — Telekom Romania is launching Telekom Cloud Backup, a cloud backup solution for companies that use applications and servers that process or generate large data volumes that they wish to protect against loss or damage. Such applications include online services, ERP or CRM systems, e-mail, website.

Telekom Cloud Backup solution was created based on Veeam Cloud Connect technology and covers a wide range of backup scenarios for companies, aiming to protect both workstations (PC, laptop), and servers with Linux or Windows operation systems. The data is automatically stored on a backup platform implemented in Telekom Romania’s high performing and secure datacenters, located in Romania, where each client has a dedicated storage space.

“In a digitalized world, data protection against cyber attacks or loss and deterioration is essential. Telekom Cloud Backup solution is supporting companies for which data is one of the most important assets. The new solution integrates a series of competitive advantages that Telekom Romania has as integrated IT&C solutions provider. The superior quality of IT infrastructure, the highest performing and secure datacenters in Romania, the highest performing data storage solution, together with Veeam Cloud Connect guarantee to our clients, companies, the best cloud backup solution from Telekom”, Ovidiu Ghiman, Chief Commercial Officer Business Segment, Telekom Romania, said.

Available on a monthly based subscription for the storage space and for Veeam software licenses, the solution does not require investments in additional IT infrastructure. The installation and configuration take only a few minutes and the backup copies are automatically stored, according to a calendar set by each user, without the need to perform additional operations for data storage. Telekom Cloud Backup significantly reduces the client’s effort to implement and manage a backup solution, a feature that meets the requirements of the 3-2-1-0 data protection strategy, according to which, the most efficient method to secure data requires the existence of 3 copies, on 2 different systems, 1 of which must be at distance, in a different geographical location, to ensure 0 errors.

The clients of Telekom Cloud Backup solution benefit from full data security – at the source, during the transfer and at the destination, due to the advanced encryption technologies and the SSL connections. The solution can be activated immediately after signing the acquisition contract and the clients benefit at the same time of specialized technical support provided by Telekom Romania’s technical team.

Moreover, the clients benefit from unlimited data traffic, being able thus to configurate their backup policies any way they wish, without the concern of generated data volume, and the storage volume can be extended anytime, avoiding thus the storage space limitations generated by file dimensions or the total space available on the disk. Furthermore, the users only pay the cost of the volume acquired every month.

Telekom Cloud Backup solution addresses both clients that are already using Veeam backup technology for their own IT infrastructure, as well as those that don’t use this technology. The solution is automatically connected to Veeam Backup & Replication application or the backup agent installed on the client’s equipment.

Detailed information about Telekom Cloud Backup is available by accessing the dedicated webpage: https://www.telekom.ro/business/cloud-backup/


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About Telekom Romania
Telekom Romania is a new and dynamic telecommunication brand, offering complete, innovative, simplified and customized mobile and fix communication services for a vast customers’ community, using more than 10 million services.

Through the two operators, Telekom Romania Communications and Telekom Romania Mobile Communications, Telekom Romania provides a complete range of telecommunication services, for a full and rewarding customer experience: 3G and 4G mobile voice and mobile data services, traditional fix telephony, high speed internet and television on multiple technologies, including IPTV as well as high quality content and exclusivities in order to complete the entertainment experience. For business customers, the new brand is the promise for delivering turn-key IT&C solutions which support companies becoming more competitive and agile.

Telekom Romania is a brand pertaining of Deutsche Telekom family, which is now present in 50 countries on five continents, with more than 143 million mobile customers, 31 million fixed-network lines, and more than 17 million broadband lines across the globe. The brand is present on the Romanian market since 2014, after the joint rebranding of Romtelecom and COSMOTE Romania.

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