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FREIBURG, Germany – August 28, 2018 — / — Recognized data storage expert Paragon Software Group releases ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software, a solution that enables full access to ReFS-formatted data across all Windows operating systems. ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software can be used as a standalone tool or seamlessly integrated with complex solutions. The software is targeted at forensics, software houses, system integrators, and system administrators working with ReFS-formatted data in complex Windows-based environments. Regardless of OS version, ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software guarantees high performance, stability, and compatibility with no loss of data.

Introduced by Microsoft with Windows Server 2012 (and later adapted for other editions), the ReFS file system has many advantages over NTFS. However, ReFS has also caused incompatibility issues with different operating system versions, triggering some features to be incompatible with certain OS feature sets. For example, forensic experts and IT pros are often faced with incompatibility issues when mounting ReFS-formatted storage devices under Windows. With version 2.0 and later, certain ReFS installations lack support on some Windows versions. ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software resolves incompatibility issues by ensuring full ReFS support from Windows Server 2012 to the latest versions.

Here are the key ReFS benefits that Paragon Software unlocks for Windows-based infrastructures:

  • Resiliency to data corruption, built-in algorithm to ensure maximum volume availability;
  • Data and metadata integrity;
  • Support for large volumes up to one yobibyte (i.e., 1.2 trillion terabytes);
  • Improved data striping performance, redundancy for fault tolerance;
  • Disk scrubbing to ensure protection against silent data corruption;
  • Shared reserve storage pools for additional fault tolerance, balanced workloads.

Other file system drivers by Paragon Software for Android, macOS, Linux, and Windows are available for licensing to enterprises or OEMs as components to the Paragon Storage SDK:

For more details about enterprise technologies and evaluation options, please contact

A 30-day trial version of ReFS for Windows by Paragon Software is available upon request: Please contact sales team for individual licensing options.

About Paragon Software
Since 1994, Paragon Software has been delivering reliable software products and technology solutions to help every day users, IT professionals, and businesses keep data healthy and safe. We offer file systems and storage management, deployment, and migration of heterogeneous appliances and systems, data protection, business continuity, and disaster recovery for hybrid environments. Our global business partners include AJA, Asus, QNAP, Western Digital, and many others.

Contact Information
Katia Shabanova
Head of Public Relations
Paragon Software GmbH
Wiesentalstr. 22
79115 Freiburg/Germany
Tel ?+49 761 59 018 – 181
Fax ?+49 761 59 018 – 130

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