Automating management of stateful workloads on Kubernetes

VANCOUVER, BC – August 29, 2018 — / — MayaData, the creator of the leading open source container attached storage project OpenEBS and the leading Chaos engineering project for stateful workloads, Litmus, today announced the commercial availability of the MayaData Data Agility Platform or MDAP.

MDAP improves the staging, deployment, testing, and operations of stateful workloads on Kubernetes by tying OpenEBS and Litmus together with MayaOnline – a SaaS solution that provides visibility into workload location and performance – along with MayaData proactive support. Support options include 8×5, 24×7 or managed services. MayaData uses intelligence derived from MayaOnline to provide proactive support that enables developers and operators to focus on higher value-added work as opposed to their data infrastructure.

Additionally, OpenEBS is now available as a default option for IBM Cloud Private users and MDAP is available from the IBM Cloud Private marketplace.

Henry Blodget, lead storage analyst at the 451 group, wrote:
“MayaData’s MDAP platform extends the ease of use of OpenEBS with related capabilities that reduce the risk of using Kubernetes for stateful workloads. Together with the partnership with IBM Cloud Private, MDAP seems likely to accelerate the usage of open source OpenEBS in production by enterprise users.”

Artem Larmoliuk, lead solutions architect at the Levi9, a Netherlands based software development company, said: “We use OpenEBS because it helps us move faster to build reliable solutions for our enterprise clients that include stateful workloads on Kubernetes. It is by far the easiest to deploy and operate container attached storage we’ve tried – and MayaOnline and Litmus are promising ways to save time for users running OpenEBS at scale.”

By partnering with IBM, MayaData is participating in one of the fastest growing Kubernetes based private cloud solutions. The integration and other information is detailed at

IBM Distinguished Engineer Michael D. Elder said: “We see the open source OpenEBS as a leading example of a new breed of cloud-native infrastructure solutions. OpenEBS leverages Kubernetes to provide reliability and scalability for storage, much like a cloud-native application would for business logic. OpenEBS makes storage more consumable for developers, and we are happy to partner with MayaData on the launch of their commercial offerings as well.”

In addition, MayaData released for the OpenEBS community. This free site joins and the free level of MayaOnline as no-cost resources for OpenEBS users. The site uses Litmus to give frequently updated validation of the performance of combinations of operating systems, workloads, and OpenEBS itself.

MayaData also released OpenEBS 0.7 and more capabilities to MayaOnline today. Recently added features include:

  • Management of local nodes
    • Many NoSQL and other users do not need the resilience features of OpenEBS however they do want management of these nodes. OpenEBS users can now designate local node via their storage classes and have the benefits of metrics and fault management.
    • Node Disk Management support (NDM). One capability that has been added by MayaData to Kubernetes itself is improvements in the management of storage media in local nodes. OpenEBS 0.7 now uses NDM to improve the resilience and flexibility of Kubernetes for storage.
  • Data operations automation
    • As OpenEBS was adopted users increasingly encountered a number of storage and data management tasks such as data clean up, data back-up, copy data operations, auto-scaling and cross availability zone deployment specification and much more. All of these use cases and others have been made simpler to deliver in OpenEBS, to test and validate via Litmus integration in MayaOnline, and to observe and operate in MayaOnline.
  • Resilience and supportability
    • The fundamental task of any storage is to keep the data safe. With that in mind, OpenEBS adds resilience and supportability capabilities in each release, such as improved retry logic, improved resilience to network outages, cross availability zone recovery, initial snapshot-based replication, and backup options, and ongoing integrations with emerging Kubernetes capabilities to further increase control and availability.
  • A new user interface for MayaOnline
    • MayaOnline has been redesigned to be more intuitive for use in understanding, controlling and troubleshooting stateful environments on Kubernetes.

Evan Powell, CEO of MayaData, said:
“Many many years ago a few of us coined the term ‘software-defined storage’. The limitations of virtualization and of IT of that time limited the success of those efforts. Today, however, microservices, Kubernetes, cloud services and containerization are a perfect storm. Together these trends have enabled infrastructure to compose itself as needed for workloads and small teams. I couldn’t be happier for the OpenEBS community and MayaData to be at the forefront of these trends, and I’m thankful for the customers that are increasingly relying on the MayaData Data Agility Platform to free themselves from the burdens of storage management and cloud lock-in.”

Pricing for the MayaData Data Agility Platform is based on the number of nodes under management – which are those nodes that are used at least partially for storing data. A free tier is available via sign-up on or MayaData is accepting a limited number of new customers now and will announce general availability in the near future.

About MayaData (
MayaData delivers data agility through the open source container attached storage OpenEBS (, the open source chaos engineering solution Litmus (, and MayaOnline ( for visibility, control, and automation of stateful workloads on Kubernetes. MayaData commercial offerings are called the MayaData Data Agility Platform which combines all three solutions with proactive support. Managed service options are also available.

MayaData Media Contact:
Nisanta Sahoo

Source: MayaData



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