RAMSEY, NJ – Oct. 29, 2018 — /BackupReview.info/ — As part of their commitment to helping companies improve data management at an affordable price, Comport, a leader among cloud computing providers, shares tips on reducing the cost of storing data and simplifying the IT environment of your business.

While most companies look at the “additional cost” of rolling out a new data management solution, they often neglect to consider the ongoing cost of maintaining their current storage. Whether it’s inefficient storage practices, the time their employees spend maintaining security, or even the eventual fallout of poorly-secured data, there are a number of ways in which physical data storage falls short.

Here are just a few ways that moving toward cloud computing can cut costs while streamlining the work environment.

Mitigate Risk. Quality cloud computing solutions are arguably more secure. While some businesses may be reluctant to hand over their data management to a cloud service, the fact of the matter is, it’s much easier to rollback data loss on a cloud server than it is to address an infected or destroyed physical server. Backup in the cloud provides a small air-gap that allows your data protection against cybersecurity threats. The small cost of extra protection cloud computing provides, is dwarfed by the financial disaster that companies could find themselves in if data security is compromised.

Prioritize Active Data. An average company is likely dealing with a huge amount of data, exponentially growing year after year. However, many companies don’t consider the fact that a large portion of that data is “inactive” and isn’t being regularly utilized as part of doing business. A quality cloud computing solution is able to archive inactive data and dynamically prioritize active data, giving employees access to the information they need most. By providing a more streamlined and efficient work environment, companies that take advantage of the cloud will see better work results due to easy access to relevant information.

Archive Files to Reduce Cost. This final point builds off of the one mentioned above, and it’s all about the financial implications of that archiving process. Believe it or not, it takes a significant number of resources to keep all files ready and waiting for instant access. By taking files that haven’t been touched in months or years and offloading them to an archive where they will be maintained but slightly less convenient to access, companies can reduce the load on servers and save time and money.

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