AOMEI celebrated its 8-year anniversary, thanks to all users and partners. “Let billion of users benefit from AOMEI Products, and make AOMEI become the industry benchmark.” — AOMEI Vision

Chengdu City, China – 29 November 2018 — / — AOMEI, a global leader in backup & restore, hard disk & partitions management and cloud files transfer celebrated its 8-year anniversary at a gala event in Chengdu, China, the chamber of commerce tower where the company was founded in 2010.

Since its founding in Chengdu, a city in west of China, AOMEI has seen tremendous growth as it has transformed traditional complicated backup task into a never ever easy way. Now AOMEI has built a mature framework with independent and elite team of research and development, testing, marketing, customer service, administrative & hr etc. AOMEI products are favored by users around the world. AOMEI continues to expand its global presence through new partnerships with local service providers, distributors, and global technology vendors.

The Easiest Backup Service Provider
AOMEI is renowned for introducing the easiest backup software on the market. With some of the best-developed backup features, from complete backup functions to the ability to clone and dissimilar hardware restore, to centralized backup management, AOMEI makes creating a reliable, fully automated backup routine simple and offers great value for both home users and enterprises.

AOMEI always committed to embodying the value of users first — offering easy-to-use, secure, and valuable products to users. The focus on data security catalyzed business growth, particularly in the service provider and enterprise space. AOMEI’s backup products are trusted by more than 50,000,000 users and 100,000 businesses worldwide, including the most valuable brands like BOSCH, CISCO, FedEx and Panasonic etc.

“Since the release of our first product in 2010, we’ve focused on keeping global data safer. Today we are celebrating 8 years of AOMEI, which has been filled with innovation and market-leading solutions, providing exceptional data protection to millions of users worldwide,” said AOMEI founder and CEO Jack Mei.

Grateful to Partners and Users
During its 8-year history, AOMEI has earned a reputation for working with top distributors, service providers, value-added resellers, and OEM companies from around the world. AOMEI always appreciated these partners who have been critical to the company’s growing up and success.

“AOMEI believe it’s important to recognize the efforts and contributions that our partners have played – not only in terms of driving our company’s growth but, just as importantly, for helping millions of users around the world protect their data, applications, and systems with our innovative data protection solutions,” said Jack Mei, founder and CEO of AOMEI.

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AOMEI – the easiest backup keeps data safer, is an up-and-coming software company founded in 2010. AOMEI is a freeware-based company, striving to make 81% of the users free to use their products. With professional and reliable support service, AOMEI products are favored by users around the world. Today AOMEI solutions are available worldwide through a global network of service providers, distributors and resellers. AOMEI continued to grow and develop while bearing in mind their mission – Always Keep Global Data Safer, and strive to let billion of users benefit from AOMEI Products, and make AOMEI become the industry benchmark.


Source: AOMEI