Built to handle the demands of modern digital media, exFAT enables seamless storage and file transfer for permanent or removable media, regardless of device or operating system

FREIBURG, Germany – February 21, 2019 — /BackupReview.info/ — Paragon Software Group today announced that Microsoft has authorized the company to implement its award-winning exFAT driver technology for use in original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) devices, removing the need for OEMs to obtain an exFAT license from Microsoft. In addition to technology development and seamless implementation support, Paragon Software is now licensed under the necessary Microsoft patent rights to provide OEMs with full exFAT technology, thus significantly shortening time to market. exFAT is just one technology licensed by Microsoft to OEMs that helps them create mobile devices and tablets, the connected cars of tomorrow, and devices shaping the Internet of Things. exFAT also has numerous applications in desktop computers, industrial equipment, cameras, drones, set-top boxes, printers, and many other devices requiring interoperable file storage and transfer solutions.

Extended File Allocation Table (exFAT) is Microsoft-patented file system to manage very large file sizes, enabling seamless file exchange between devices that use removable storage, regardless of device or operating system. Combining wide interoperability with the capacity to handle files at practically unlimited scale, exFAT is a must-have for enterprises seeking an efficient file storage and transfer solution.

“We are pleased to expand our relationship with Paragon to allow it to provide licensed exFAT implementations to their customers without a direct license from Microsoft,” said Micky Minhas, Microsoft’s Vice President for IP Licensing. “This new offering will allow Paragon to provide our exFAT customers with an easy one-stop solution for mobile devices, connected cars or the Internet of Things.”

Consumers and businesses today are creating ever-increasing amounts of high-quality photos, video, and other digital media content that needs to be stored and shared across multiple platforms and channels. Cloud technologies simplify the sharing process, but in many applications there is no alternative for the convenience of removable storage. Paragon’s exFAT driver – part of the company’s File System Link (formerly UFSD) technology, addresses the growing automotive storage demand for advanced in-vehicle infotainment systems (IVI) and other market niches requiring instant cross-platform storage exchange. Paragon File System Link enables car owners to connect USB devices, SD Cards, digital assistants, or other external storage media directly to IVI systems and instantly enjoy audio and video recordings, regardless of file format. The technology has been successfully integrated into automotive OEMs and Tier-1 suppliers running popular OSs, including Android™, Linux, Integrity® and QNX®, guaranteeing the highest level of performance and reliability.

In addition, exFAT is used by the Secure Digital (SD) Card Association for high-capacity, high-speed SDXC (over 32GB, up to 2TB) and SDUC (over 2TB, up to 128TB) cards for use in devices with SD card slots. SDUC technology preformatted with the exFAT file system seamlessly handles the ever-increasing removable storage requirements of modern devices, from 3G and 4G mobile phones, to upcoming 5G mobile phones, DSLR cameras, and ultra-high-density video recording. Paragon’s exFAT file system driver enables efficient storage and seamless data portability between desktop and consumer electronic devices running on various operating systems and guarantees easy interchange between them.

Paragon’s FSL technology provides rapid, transparent, full read/write access to non-native file systems such as exFAT, NTFS, FAT32, HFS+, APFS, ReFS under Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, QNX, and other platforms. Paragon File System Link provides a valuable enhancement for OEMs, benefiting external storage support end users. For more information on Paragon’s File System Link offerings, visit https://www.paragon-software.com/technologies/file-system-link-business/

For more information on Paragon Software, visit www.paragon-software.com or Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Paragon Software
Since 1994, Paragon Software has been delivering reliable software products and technology solutions to help every day users, IT professionals, and businesses keep data healthy and safe. We offer file systems and storage management, deployment, and migration of heterogeneous appliances and systems, data protection, business continuity, and disaster recovery for hybrid environments. Our global business partners include AJA, Asus, QNAP, Western Digital, Netgear, Seagate, D-Link, HP, Microsoft and many others. For more information, visit https://www.paragon-software.com/

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