Expanded GDPR utility added to Dropsuite’s Email Archiving platform to help businesses better safeguard, store, manage, discover, export and delete data to meet GDPR compliance requests

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – August 26, 2019 — /BackupReview.info/ — Dropsuite (ASX:DSE), a leading cloud data security platform for businesses, today announced its latest technology update; a major expansion of GDPR capabilities within its popular Email Archiving product line. This latest utility release, GDPR Responder 2.0, advances the company’s vision to safeguard, store, discover, export and delete data to its full potential, empowering customers to easily fulfill time-sensitive GDPR compliance requests by allowing them to define who can access particular types of data across the organization to control access, as well as how that data can be managed.

GDPR is starting to be taken more seriously now that several large fines have been issued by the EU’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO). In July 2019, the ICO announced it fined British Airways $230 million in connection with a significant 2018 data breach. Marriott International was fined $123 million after a November 2018 data breach that exposed personal data contained in approximately 339 million customer records, of which 30 million were residents of the European Economic Area (EEA).

Dropsuite now empowers the Data Protection Officer with the ability to navigate the grey areas where GDPR compliance meets businesses compliance — with tools to ensure easy management of regulated compliance responsibilities pertaining to archived business communications, attachments and email.

Expanded Dropsuite GDPR Utility Includes:

  • Data Protection Officer (DPO): Assign role, review GDPR requests, review/flag/export/delete data, and explain why data can/cannot be deleted
  • Delegated access permissions: Assign and delegate internal/external access permissions for GDPR discovery/review for auditors
  • Right to be forgotten: Export a copy of found data under GDPR Article 15-1 for the requester or delete the data under GDPR article 17-1 that does not conflict with business regulations
  • Message level retention and legal hold: Add retentions from 6 months to indefinitely on individual or bulk messages, add legal holds for indefinite periods on individual or bulk messages
  • Compatibility: Compatible with Microsoft Exchange Online, Hosted Exchange and G Suite Gmail

“GDPR enforceability is starting to catch momentum, yet surprisingly, many organizations are still playing the waiting game with regard to implementing GDPR compliance utilities,” said Ryan Nichols, head of product for Dropsuite. “Email ecosystems such as Exchange Online for Office 365 are critical data systems covered under GDPR regulations that require specialized tools to make it easier for administrators to fulfill compliance-related tasks. Doing nothing, or not doing enough, exposes organizations to any number of risks that frankly don’t need to be taken since tools like Dropsuite GDPR Responder for Email Archiving are readily available.”

GDPR is just the tip of the privacy regulation iceberg, with new laws rolling out in Australia, Brazil, South Africa and Japan, as well as California and other states in the U.S in the near future. Dropsuite GDPR Responder 2.0 is ideal for helping Data Protection Officers comply with the plethora of data privacy frameworks and requirements being adopted worldwide.

Dropsuite Backup and Archiving is a highly scalable, automated and secure software-as-a-service (SaaS) product that allows users to automatically safeguard cloud ecosystems such as G Suite Gmail, Hosted Exchange and Microsoft Office 365, and includes the ability to restore any lost, stolen or deleted data on demand. Protecting customers’ data is of utmost priority, which is why Dropsuite follows a security assurance program that uses global privacy and data protection best practices. Further, the company deploys military-grade AES 256-bit data encryption in transit and at rest that provides peace of mind.

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Dropsuite Limited (ASX: DSE) is a global cloud software platform that provides cloud backup, eDiscovery, archiving and recovery solutions delivered at scale to power business defense. Dropsuite’s network of preferred reseller partners has a combined customer reach of millions of businesses worldwide. Dropsuite has partnered with some of the biggest names in the web hosting and IT service provider markets such as STRATO (Germany), Ingram Micro (USA), Pax8 (North America), UOL (Brazil) and ALSO (EU) to safeguard businesses from the threat of unexpected data loss. Dropsuite was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Singapore. More information on Dropsuite can be found at https://dropsuite.com

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