Ramsey, NJ – September 4, 2019 — /BackupReview.info/ — The ever-growing risk of malware, ransomware and other cybercrime means that businesses of all sizes need to create plans to prevent data loss during business disruption and preserve continuity. According to BaaS providers, Comport, making the switch to a more secure and reliable backup system can significantly reduce your risk of loss and interruption.

In the past, creating a backup meant creating physical copies of your files and storing them in a secure location. Today, businesses have a better option – backup in the cloud. When your files are securely stored in the cloud, you can access them from any location; in the event of a problem with your systems, you can swiftly recover your files and resume your regular workflows. Backup as a Service makes this process easy and secure, ensuring you are always covered.

Backup as a Service offers several fundamental benefits for brands of all sizes, including:

  • Data Protection: No matter what you do or what industry you are in, your data is an important asset; BaaS can help protect this asset by creating regular, up-to-date copies of everything you create or are working on. This allows you to access your customer data and most important files, even if you can’t get to your physical location.
  • Affordability: When you opt for BaaS, you do not have to invest in expensive infrastructure or equipment. In addition, your team won’t have to test backups and troubleshoot! You simply enjoy the benefits of regular and ongoing backup services, worry free.
  • Automation: One of the biggest problems with traditional backup methods is that they are not tested frequently, if at all. Many companies lag behind on ensuring their backups are working like they should. When you implement a BaaS solution, updates and uploads are checked by experts regularly; you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to create a backup or losing a file because a backup had not yet been created.
  • Supports business initiatives: Now that you team has some extra time on their hands, they can work to solve internal business issues that contribute to the bottom line.

BaaS provides organizations of any size with the peace of mind that comes from knowing your important data can be backed up and used, even if the originals are corrupt or no longer available. Opting for BaaS ensures that your business has a way to recover in the event of a mishap — it is also the first step towards a comprehensive disaster recovery plan that will fully protect your business.

About Comport
Since 1982, award-winning IT services partner Comport has helped to improve enterprise digital architectures for healthcare companies across the world. Our customers include leading enterprises in Hospitals and Healthcare, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Media, Retail, Law Firms, and Universities. ComportSecure Backup as a Service Provider has established a cutting edge cloud-based solution for cloud managed services. ComportSecure solutions provided include Advanced IT Datacenters, Mobility Security and Networking.

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Deanna Thorman
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