Cost-effective cloud storage in Azure, AWS and other S3 clouds with support for NAS & SAN volumes and hyperconverged (HCI) workloads for legacy infrastructures & enterprise servers

Hayward, CA, December 18, 2019 — / — StoneFly, Inc. the original innovator of the iSCSI protocol and a recognized global leader in the storage and backup and disaster recovery industry adds deduplication, ransomware protection, and WORM storage provisioning to their virtual cloud storage gateway solution.

StoneFly Virtual Storage Gateway: Brief Overview
StoneFly virtual storage gateway facilitates Azure blob and Amazon S3 integration with legacy infrastructure, enterprise servers such as Dell EMC, HPE, etc. and hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) such as StoneFly USS, HPE Nimble, etc. The virtual cloud gateway facilitates cloud storage for NAS, SAN, unified NAS + SAN volumes and HCI workloads running on VMware, Hyper-V, KVM, and Citrix (formerly XenServer) hypervisors.

The cloud storage gateway solution communicates with industry standard x86 servers and legacy infrastructure using standard NFS and CIFS/SMB protocol and it supports iSCSI and Fibre Channel protocols for SAN volumes.

To deliver upon StoneFly’s goal of simplified enterprise storage, the virtual storage gateway integrates cloud storage repositories in a similar way to local storage hardware. For the end user, the experience is the same as setting up and provisioning a dedicated storage appliance. However, the capabilities, scalability and operational efficiency of the cloud is delivered via the innovative gateway solution. These abilities make StoneFly’s virtual gateway a good fit for a variety of enterprise use-cases.

Typical StoneFly Virtual Storage Gateway Use-Cases:
The software gateway solution is built for enterprise customers and enables cloud storage and data migration use-cases for terabytes of data; and business-critical Virtual Machines (VMs).

Some common use-cases for the virtual gateway solution are:
· Medical Record Storage
· PACS Arching
· Email Archiving
· Surveillance Video Storage
· Old Data Archiving (NAS or SAN – iSCSI)
· Backup Target Storage in Azure, AWS, or other S3 Compatible Cloud
· SaaS Migration
· VM Migration (including live VM migration)
· Computer Aided Design (CAD) Data Storage
· Cloud Storage for Relational Databases such as MySQL, NoSQL, PostGreSQL
· Cloud Storage for CRM Software
· Cloud Storage for Electronic Medical Records (EMR) / Electronic Health Record (EHR) Software

With the new features, StoneFly is looking to facilitate the compliance and efficient storage usage requirements of enterprise customers and multiple industries.

Standard StoneFly Virtual Gateway Features:
- Immutable Delta-Based Snapshots
- Synchronous and/or Asynchronous Replication for NAS, iSCSI Volumes & Virtual Machines (VMs) Running on VMware, Hyper-V, KVM & Citrix (XenServer) hypervisors
- Data Encryption at Rest and During Transit
- Automated Tiering
- Unified Central Management of On-Premises & Cloud Storage Resources
- Snapshot Schedule Utility
- And more.

For a complete list of features, contact StoneFly technical support.

Recently Added Features:
- Deduplication for NAS Volumes (along with iSCSI Volumes)
- Ransomware, Malware & Virus Detection & Removal
- Immutable WORM (Write-Once Read-Many) Storage Provisioning
- Real-Time Graphical Performance Reporting

Simplifying the Enterprise Cloud Journey
Commenting about the latest features of the enterprise cloud storage gateway, John Harris, the Director of Technical Sales at StoneFly, said, “We’ve always been focused on delivering simplified, efficient & secure storage for enterprise users. The virtual cloud storage gateway is built for a number of use-cases including video surveillance storage, CRM, EHR or EMC data storage, medical record archiving, and the list goes on. With the latest features, we’re confident that our solution simplifies the compliance journey of our customers; all the while securing business-critical workloads from threats like ransomware.”

Limited Time Offer for StoneFly Virtual Storage Gateway
For a limited time only, StoneFly is offering free trials and several terabytes of free storage in Amazon and Azure clouds.

For details, contact StoneFly sales at +1 510 2651616 or send an email at

About StoneFly Inc.
StoneFly, Inc., headquartered in California, was founded to deliver upon the vision of simple and affordable storage optimization and disaster recovery protection through IP SAN solutions. StoneFly is a leading manufacturer of high-performance Network Attached Storage (NAS), Storage Area Networks (SAN) – iSCSI systems, Hyperconverged systems, and RAID systems. For more information, visit:

StoneFly’s range of enterprise products also includes cloud storage solutions, cloud storage gateway solutions, and data migration services for enterprise workloads.

StoneFly Inc.
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StoneFly, Inc.
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StoneFly, Inc.
26250 Eden Landing Rd.
Hayward, CA
USA, 94545

Source: StoneFly, Inc.




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