Modernizing backup and archive services to meet emerging managed service demands

AUSTIN, TX – March 17, 2020— / — FalconStor Software, Inc. (OTCQB: FALC), a leading Software-Defined Data Preservation (SDDP) company, today announced that Meridian IT Ltd, a leading managed services provider in the United Kingdom, selected FalconStor to enhance and modernize their Backup and Long-term Archival services.

Today’s announcement highlights customers’ needs to meet the accelerating demand for storage virtualization, data protection, disaster recovery, data mobility, and backup and archive solutions from large organizations with complex heterogeneous IT environments. Today, organizations of all sizes are reaching out for help in managing and maintaining their information assets. Subsequently, there has been enormous growth in and demand for robust managed services offerings, as Data Center and Cloud environments have become increasingly complex and are requiring specialized talent to manage, maintain, and protect an organization’s information assets. With FalconStor’s agnostic solution approach, it is the perfect enabler for agnostic data protection in today’s complex IT environments.

“Our team helps to ease the management burden, while also delivering the latest improvements and security measures to meet the everchanging cyber threats,” said Steve Young, MD of Meridian IT Ltd. “After significant due diligence, we selected FalconStor to help us expand our portfolio. We have been working closely with FalconStor and have built a robust business with FalconStor technologies over the years. We look forward to our expanded relationship with FalconStor and our continuing opportunity to deliver innovative, high-value solutions to our customers throughout Europe.”

“We are excited to partner with Meridian IT in Europe and help add valuable service offerings to their portfolio,” said Carter McCray, FalconStor CRO. “With FalconStor’s technology advancements and Meridian’s service innovations, Meridian is able to offer cost-effective backup and archival services that modernize and streamlines IT processes, as well as offer a very competitive alternative to the aging and complex Tape backup challenges that many organizations are burdened with today. For Meridian’s IBM i customers specifically, it offers a seamless, cost-friendly, drop-in replacement for IBM end-of-life ProtecTEIR, as well as an agnostic solution for other critical applications that require robust backup and archival solution.”

About Meridian IT UK
Meridian is a proven leader in the UK’s enterprise technology sector, with over 40 years’ experience of helping clients build powerful, reliable IT solutions that create real value. Today, Meridian is one of the very few technology partners with the skills to provide true end-to-end solutions across a full spectrum of domains, including Infrastructure, Cloud, Security, Software and Artificial Intelligence. Meridian delivers projects in the UK and worldwide as a member of Meridian Group International, a network of skilled resources that combines global reach with local expertise.

About FalconStor
FalconStor Software, Inc. is a leading Software-Defined Data Preservation (SDDP) company. Founded in 2000, its products are utilized by enterprises and managed service providers across the globe and address two key areas of enterprise data protection: long-term archive retention and reinstatement, and business continuity-driven data replication. Thanks to the software-defined technology, the FalconStor solutions are hardware, cloud, and source-data agnostic, giving customers maximum leverage of existing hardware and software investments, and enabling them to seamlessly utilize a wide array of data storage technologies and environments for their data preservation needs. FalconStor is a public company with headquarters in Austin, Texas, and additional offices in New York, Europe, and Asia. Its solutions are available and supported by a vast network of system integrators and resellers. Connect with FalconStor on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the company’s blog.

Meridian Contact:
Charlotte Lloyd
Meridian IT
+44 1564 330650

FalconStor Contact:
Georgiana Comsa
Silicon Valley PR

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