The JetStream Software and Cloudian Joint Solution Reduces Infrastructure Costs by 60 Percent

SAN JOSE, Calif. – March 24, 2020 — / — JetStream Software Inc., an innovator in cloud-native disaster recovery, today announced that Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc. (ENS-Inc), a premier managed services provider (MSP), is the first to deploy JetStream DR on Cloudian, a cloud-native disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) solution built on JetStream DR and Cloudian® object storage technologies.

The JetStream DR on Cloudian solution provides continuous data protection (CDP), disaster recovery (DR), and business continuity (BC) for VMware vSphere environments. It protects VMware virtual machines with the CDP capabilities of JetStream DR along with the technical and economic advantages of the Cloudian HyperStore® object storage platform.

JetStream DR is specifically designed to provide the software infrastructure for a VMware-based DR service offering from an MSP or cloud service provider (CSP). Similarly, Cloudian HyperStore is the preferred object storage platform for hundreds of MSPs and CSPs globally. Together, the two technologies provide the foundation for a powerful, cost-effective, cloud-native DRaaS offering.

JetStream DR on Cloudian protecting a VMware Environment
Image: JetStream DR on Cloudian protecting a VMware Environment

The Problem With Traditional Disaster Recovery Services
Traditional DRaaS offerings often require data center infrastructure that is rigid, expensive and inefficiently utilized. Many DRaaS solutions offer an alternative to on-premises failover, but when they are based on the same on-premises DR technology, they cannot realize the full technical and business advantages of the cloud: multi-tenancy, scalability, agility and cost-efficiency.

“Incorporating object storage into a backup service is relatively straightforward and, today, is commonly supported by most data protection vendors,” said Tom Critser, co-founder and CEO, JetStream Software. “But service providers haven’t previously had a CDP solution that continuously replicates data directly into an object store and uses the object store exclusively to maintain all recovery assets, including the recovery of system information, network configurations, and ongoing protection policies. That’s a very different kind of challenge that JetStream DR on Cloudian uniquely addressed.”

A Better Solution for MSPs and CSPs
JetStream DR on Cloudian is designed from the ground up to empower MSPs and CSPs to deliver DR services to their customers with near-zero recovery point objectives (RPO) — and to do so in a way that realizes the full value of cloud object storage.

“We were already a Cloudian customer, so when we learned that we could use JetStream DR to deliver a DRaaS offering based on Cloudian HyperStore, it made perfect sense to us,” said Paul Smitham, president at ENS-Inc. “JetStream DR on Cloudian enables us to use our data center resources with greater efficiency and agility than any DR technology we’ve used in the past. Just as importantly, it gives us a significant new business opportunity to develop, with technologies that we know and trust.

“Compared to other DR/CDP solutions that we’ve deployed previously, the infrastructure costs of JetStream DR on Cloudian will be 60 percent less, which means we can deliver an enterprise-grade DR service to our customers that’s more economical for them to consume and more profitable for us. It really is a win-win.”

Details of Differentiation: Integrated yet Decoupled
Other approaches to data protection with object storage typically use the object store as a “cold data tier” that is tightly coupled to the DR application running continuously in the recovery site. In contrast, JetStream DR on Cloudian replicates all necessary recovery data to the object store, which can be completely decoupled from the DR software in the recovery site.

The object store maintains the protected virtual machines, their applications, all their data (updated continuously) and configuration information, as well as all DR metadata so that VMs recovered from the object store are completely configured, operational and continuously protected from the moment they are recovered. The VMs can be deployed into any runtime vSphere environment in any location.

Key Benefit: Agility
For ENS-Inc, the agility of JetStream DR on Cloudian means that a customer’s VMs running in San Jose can replicate data into a Cloudian HyperStore platform hosted in Sacramento, and in response to a disaster, the VMs can be recovered from Sacramento into ENS-Inc’s vSphere environment in Reno, with the Cloudian object store in Sacramento continuing to protect the workloads without interruption.

If desired, once the customer’s San Jose site is back up and operational, the VMs can return to their original data center without disturbance to the running applications and their continuous protection. To support this level of agility, ENS-Inc has deployed a deterministic optical backbone connecting data centers in nine locations across the western United States.

Key Benefit: Cost Efficiency
JetStream DR on Cloudian maintains all protected VMs, data, configuration information, and recovery metadata in the object store. During a failover, everything needed for complete recovery of the protected environment — including its ongoing protection — is rehydrated directly from the object store.

For ENS-Inc, this means that the recovery VMware vSphere environment is put into use only in the event of a failover. The compute, storage and network resources needed for the customer’s continued operations are provisioned on demand. With the features and performance of Cloudian HyperStore, the recovery time objective (RTO) falls comfortably within the customer’s service level agreement (SLA).

Do the Math: DR Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
JetStream Software has developed a DR total cost of ownership (TCO) calculator that compares the cost of infrastructure for DR services delivered through a number of different methods, including other DR software technologies, federated hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) clusters, and VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM). The calculator is available from JetStream Software at (registration required).

About Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc.
Enterprise Networking Solutions, Inc. specializes in the development and deployment of scalable solutions that maximize your IT investment and align to your business goals. We are partnered and certified with industry-leading vendors, allowing us to offer our customers next generation technology solutions. Additionally, ENS-Inc partners with both our customers and our vendors to develop the technology solutions demanded by each unique situation. From the inception of your project to the training of your team, we are with you each step of the way. The company is privately held. For information, please visit, and follow the company at and @ENSCloud.

About Cloudian
Cloudian is the most widely deployed independent provider of object storage systems, with the industry’s most advanced S3 compatibility and an extensive partnership ecosystem. Its award-winning flagship solution, HyperStore, provides limitless scalability and cloud-like technology, flexibility and economics in the data center. Cloudian’s global data fabric architecture enables enterprises to store, find and protect object and file data seamlessly across sites, both on-premises and in public clouds, within a single, unified platform. Learn more at

About JetStream Software
JetStream Software Inc., an innovator in cloud-native disaster recovery technology, gives managed service providers (MSPs) and cloud service providers (CSPs) a better way to support workload migration and business continuity across multi-cloud and multi-data center infrastructures. JetStream Software is optimally suited to complement VMware-based cloud infrastructures including VMware Cloud Provider Partners (VCPPs) and the VMware Cloud Foundation. JetStream Software is headquartered in San Jose, California, with a subsidiary in Bangalore, India. The company is privately held. For more information, please visit, and follow the company at and @JetStreamSoft.

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