Does The CARE Act = Free Capital?

Greenville, South Carolina – April 10, 2020 — / — Servosity today announced the public release of a new webinar. Their webinar, “Does The CARE Act = Free Capital?” shows MSPs how they might be able to take advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program to secure no collateral, no personal guarantee loan to cover payroll and grow their business. Having previously testified before the U.S. Congress regarding small businesses, Servosity CEO Damien Stevens was excited to be able to share his unique perspective on the CARES Act with MSPs.

“After speaking to a senior lawyer at a 100-person law firm, the president of a 1,000 person bank, and a VP of one the largest SBA lenders in the country, I realized most small businesses were going to get caught flat-footed when applications opened” says Damien Stevens, CEO at Servosity. “As a company, we’re fully focused on helping MSPs succeed, so I couldn’t let that happen.”

On the webinar, viewers can learn:

  • How much you’re eligible to receive from the government
  • When you have to pay the money back–if at all
  • How to apply for the money.

The webinar is available starting today completely free. To find out if the CARES Act really means free capital, visit

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