Becomes the only full-disk image backup & disaster recovery point solution on DoD’s list

SCOTTSDALE, AZ – April 16, 2020 — / — Acronis SCS – an American cyber protection and edge data security company serving the US public sector – announced its hardened backup software’s listing on the Department of Defense Information Network Approved Products List (DoDIN APL). In passing DoD’s rigorous interoperability and cybersecurity testing, Acronis Cyber Backup 12.5 SCS Hardened Edition becomes the only full-disk image backup and disaster recovery point solution on the APL.

DoDIN APL Listing:

The DoDIN APL serves as the single list of solutions authorized for use within DoD networks. All DoD components, including the military services, are required to purchase equipment and software off this list to fulfill their system needs.

Acronis SCS’ DoDIN APL-certified hardened full-disk image backup and disaster recovery software is designed to provide operational assurance to the US government’s air gapped, ‘no internet’ environments and mission critical assets, including DoD weapons testing sites, development labs, training simulators, deployed tactical elements, and public utility industrial control systems (ICS) and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The software supports both legacy and modern systems, as well as proprietary applications.

In response to the DoDIN APL news, the Honorable Tom Ridge, former Governor of Pennsylvania and America’s first Secretary of Homeland Security, remarked, “Acronis SCS is leading the way in building secure software that is not only appropriate for use within the US government’s most sensitive environments, but tailored to fit their very sensitive needs.”

While explaining the thinking behind the solution, Acronis SCS’ CEO John Zanni stated: “After meeting with agencies at the DoD, we saw an underserved community in need of a solution developed with its particular demands in mind. Until now, government air gapped networks have relied on ill-fitting backup tools that prioritize connectivity over usability and security – bringing IT headaches and network vulnerabilities, and potentially putting national security at risk. By building a hardened product that requires zero-connectivity to function, uses military-grade encryption, and provides the flexibility to perform full-disk image and file-level backup and recovery, we have eliminated those headaches and radically reduced the network attack surface.”

Zanni added, “With DoDIN APL certification and 100% US-based support, Acronis SCS provides the Defense Department, other federal agencies, and public utility providers the tailored, tested, and trusted tool they need to preserve secure operational assurance and timely decision-making.” The hardened software is also slated to receive FIPS 140-2 and Common Criteria certifications this year.

For more details on the features and benefits the solution provides, visit Acronis SCS’ product and certification pages.


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Acronis SCS is an American cyber protection and edge data security company dedicated to serving the unique needs of the US public sector. Its innovative backup, anti-ransomware, disaster recovery, and enterprise file sync and share products ensure operational assurance and data security across federal, state, and local government and education, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. Acronis SCS products are built and supported in the United States by US citizens and validated by third-party agencies.

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