Fully Managed Otava Cloud Solution Includes Built-in Compliance Certifications, Infrastructure Management, and Complementary Services

ANN ARBOR, Mich., Sept. 15, 2022 — / BackupReview.info / — Otava, a global leader in custom and compliant hybrid cloud solutions, today announced that it has migrated compliance management software and consulting firm Total Compliance Tracking (TCT) to its Managed Azure Cloud platform.

TCT provides businesses, consultants, service providers and compliance assessment firms with software and consulting solutions that simplify compliance management. When TCT identified a need to add new hosting compliance certifications required by a growing number of organizations and assessors, it turned to its secure, compliant hosting partner, Otava.

“For years, Otava’s secure private cloud services have been a great fit for TCT, as their data centers cover a wide range of security and compliance certifications,” said Adam Goslin, CEO of TCT. “Now, as we are finding new opportunities to expand our business, we are thrilled that Otava has worked with us to migrate our environments to their Managed Azure platform. We’ve retained all the cloud benefits, added some key compliance certifications, and continue to have the benefit of Otava’s management, support, and expertise. As a result, we’ve grown, become more agile, and are serving expanded customer needs.”

Otava’s people-centered approach brought the team and purpose-built technology plan together seamlessly. Otava migrated TCT’s entire infrastructure, including its production, demo, and test environments, from its data centers to its Managed Azure Cloud platform within a weekend. The Otava Cloud solution now provides TCT with a reliable, secure, and compliant environment that allows the company more flexibility to grow and expand its services.

“Otava and TCT have a strong relationship that goes back many years. We were thrilled to have the opportunity to collaborate on a solution that leverages our expertise in cloud infrastructure management and provides the support and features TCT needs to advance its business,” said Jason Pohlman, Public Cloud Sales and Solutions Director, Otava. “With our Managed Azure solution, TCT has immediate new opportunities they can focus on pursuing. We always aim to empower what’s possible and are proud to be part of TCT’s success.”

In addition to the Managed Azure solution, Otava continues to provide TCT with several supporting security services, including Backup, DRaaS, File Integrity Management (FIM), Central Logging, Intrusion Detection System / Intrusion Prevention System (IDS/IPS), Managed Firewall, Antivirus, and Vulnerability Scanning (both external and internal). The combination of complementary security solutions, all backed by Otava, means that TCT has a single partner for hosting solution management, assistance with numerous requirements of their existing certifications and support.

“The fact that Otava provides our cloud solution, plus all the complementary services, is incredibly valuable. It is a huge advantage to have all of our needs reliably handled by one trusted vendor rather than a multitude of providers that must be managed individually. Otava brings it all together in one simple, effective, and affordable package,” added Goslin.

TCT’s adoption of the new Managed Azure solution has provided a strong platform for long-term growth and success. Together, Otava and Azure offer all the key features and management capabilities that TCT needs to serve clients now and into the future. Otava provides added value in its maintenance of many important certifications such as PCI, SOC, ISO, and HIPAA, and expertly manages the Azure environment – which extends the compliance features even further. The full solution, including complementary services, provides confidence and peace of mind so that TCT can focus on growing its business and helping its customers without distraction.

About Otava
Otava is a global, recognized leader in delivering secure multi-cloud solutions with a personal touch. Its extensive portfolio is powered by world-class technology partners, backed with expert intelligence, and tailored to help businesses and service providers achieve their individual goals while protecting mission-critical data. With its flexible solutions, fortified security, colocation offerings, and professional services, Otava empowers its clients with everything they need to thrive in the cloud and stay focused on what they do best. To learn how Otava can maximize your potential, go to Otava.com and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

About Total Compliance Tracking
Total Compliance Tracking’s (TCT) TCT Portal has been built from the ground up by compliance professionals, for compliance professionals. In doing so, TCT has helped hundreds of businesses, consultants, service providers and compliance assessment firms improve the operational efficiency of managing complex compliance engagements. Cost-effectively facilitating collaboration and connecting the dots between internal compliance resources, consultants, external assessment firms, and vendors, TCT ensures that each and every engagement requirement is completed in a cohesive, coordinated manner.

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