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Central Data Storage, one of the largest managed backup and disaster recovery companies in the United States, CDS helps clients avoid paying costly ransomware fees to criminal hackers holding their data and computer systems hostage LINCOLN, NE – Feb. 07, 2017 — / — Central Data Storage announces a new update to its UnisonBDR software, [...]

The CDS fully managed Storage as a Service (STaaS) product will now be a mainstay solution for Seattle Study Club practitioners. LINCOLN, Neb. – Apr. 4, 2013 — / — Central Data Storage (CDS), an award-winning national leader in Storage as a Service (STaaS), has signed an exclusive agreement with the Seattle Study Club, a [...]

Backup Powerhouse Central Data Storage Announces an Agreement with “The Dental Record” The CDS managed online computer backup service will now be a mainstay product offered through The Dental Record which is a creation of the Wisconsin Dental Association and endorsed by the American Dental Association Business Enterprises. Lincoln, NE, Sep 20, 2011 –/– Award [...]


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