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.Casselberry, Florida – June 13, 2018 — / — ChronoSync offers greater compatibility with a variety of S3-compatible cloud services by implementing path-style URLs alongside the existing virtual-hosted-style URLs. This update makes connecting to cloud providers offering lower-cost S3 compatible object storage solutions easier than ever. We have customers now using our ChronoSync S3 Connection [...]

.ORLANDO, FL – April 25, 2018 — / —  ChronoAgent 1.8.1, the indispensable companion app to ChronoSync, is now available for download. This ChronoAgent maintenance release focuses on reliability and improved messaging and logging. Coming on the heels of the recent ChronoSync-Backblaze integration, ChronoAgent has improved the error and crash detection, more accurate reporting of connections and [...]

.ChronoSync can synchronize and backup to almost anything you can connect to your Mac. ORLANDO, FL – April 18, 2018 — / — ChronoSync, the first choice for reliable Mac Backup, Bootable Backup and Folder Synchronization, now offers direct connections to the cost efficient B2 Cloud Storage service offered by Backblaze. So, in addition to [...]

.Casselberry, Florida – May 2, 2017 — / — Econ Technologies is previewing ChronoSync that utilizes a completely redesigned Sync Engine capable of multiple, concurrent file operations which improves backup and sync performance, especially when connecting to cloud services. This new Sync Engine dynamically allocates operations based upon a Mac’s processing power to scale up [...]

.CASSELBERRY, FL – March 8, 2017 — / — Econ Technologies improves ChronoSync with the release of version 4.7.4, featuring more efficient memory usage, better performance, and detailed attention to subtle sync operations. ChronoSync, the premier sync, backup and bootable backup tool for macOS has undergone detailed analysis and testing to identify and quash minor [...]

.CASSELBERRY, FL – October 18, 2016 — / — Econ Technologies releases ChronoSync 4.7 featuring direct cloud support. This major update includes direct cloud connections for Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, and SFTP file servers. Additional cloud services will be added in future releases. ChronoSync is the complete sync, backup, and bootable backup app for [...]

.CASSELBERRY, FL – March 3, 2015 — / — Econ Technologies has released a public preview of ChronoSync 4.6, the complete Mac backup, bootable backup, and folder synchronizing app. ChronoSync 4.6 has been built to be better than it was before. Better, Smarter, Faster. Econ Technologies invites Mac users to join the Public Preview of [...]


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