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Cyber security provider F-Secure introduces file and link content protection software HELSINKI, FINLAND – November 3, 2016 — / — While cloud computing services have many benefits for companies, security remains a shared responsibility between service providers and customers. Cyber security provider F-Secure is looking to help companies secure content shared in the cloud by [...]

F-Secure Rapid Detection Service combines decoy sensors, threat intelligence, and 24/7 monitoring by a team of cyber security experts to help companies fight cyber attacks HELSINKI, FINLAND – May 18, 2016 — / — If you aren’t seeing security incidents, you’re probably missing something. That’s the message from F-Secure as it launches a unique new [...]

F-Secure’s acquisition of nSense bolsters the company’s expansion into the enterprise segment by offering businesses complete defensive solutions and services for modern threats. HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 2, 2015 — / — F-Secure announced today that it has acquired nSense – a privately held Danish company providing security consultations, vulnerability assessment services and related products [...]

F-Secure security researchers highlight the risks that exploits pose to people running outdated or unpatched software HELSINKI, FINLAND – May 28, 2015 — / — F-Secure warns of the ongoing risks associated with exploits, which are attacks that take advantage of software vulnerabilities to compromise systems and provide criminals with an entry point for crimeware. [...]

The new version of F-Secure’s popular Freedome VPN puts Mac owners in control of their online privacy. HELSINKI, FINLAND – May 5, 2015 — / — OS X delivers an intuitive user experience and pleasing aesthetic design to Mac users, and many MacBook owners can be seen enjoying their machines in public. But enjoying these [...]

F-Secure Labs’ latest white paper highlights CozyDuke as part of an ongoing series of Advanced Persistent Threats targeting governments and other large organizations. HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 30, 2015 — / — A new malware analysis from F-Secure Labs points to CozyDuke – – as a continuing menace facing governments and other large organizations. CozyDuke is an [...]

New research indicates that ransomware and other threats designed to attack people’s wallets continue to grow HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 23, 2015 — / — New research from cyber security firm F-Secure points to an increase in the amount of malware designed to extort money from unsuspecting mobile phone and PC users. According to the [...]

Cyber security firm F-Secure launches Freedome for Business to help businesses secure BYOD and company-owned fleets of mobile devices. HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 14, 2015 — / — Today’s employees want to use whatever device they need to get the job done. This means many companies are embracing bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies, but often at the [...]

New one-button tool from online security leader F-Secure helps people keep their Internet traffic heading in the right direction. HELSINKI, FINLAND – March 25, 2015 — / — The Internet works in mysterious ways for many people, and that’s something that attackers can use to their advantage. But Internet users now have an easy-to-use tool [...]

On Safer Internet Day, F-Secure’s Mikko Hypponen asks whether we’ve created a monster. He shares practical things we can all do to create a better Internet together. HELSINKI, FINLAND – February 10, 2015  – / — It’s Safer Internet Day, but with malware attacks and privacy infringements constantly in the news, often it feels like [...]

As part of the agreement the companies will cooperate to jointly sell best-of-breed personal cloud and security services to operators HELSINKI, FINLAND – February 4, 2015 — / — F-Secure has agreed to sell its personal cloud business, younited, to Synchronoss, a leader in cloud services and software-based activation serving communications service providers across the [...]

Businesses, especially online advertisers, know more about you than ever. F-Secure’s new list of privacy principles highlight respect for your data, while products like Freedome keep advertisers at arms’ length HELSINKI, FINLAND – January 28, 2015 — / — In age when companies know more about you than ever, do you know what they’re doing [...]

F-Secure Freedome now brings even better super-simple privacy and security to smartphones, tablets and now desktops too—with one subscription HELSINKI, FINLAND – January 21, 2015 — / — Intelligence agencies and criminals aren’t the only people who may be tracking your online behavior. Turns out there’s a lot more to your browsing session than meets [...]

While they’ll spend on covers and cases to protect phone and tablet purchases, shoppers will neglect to protect their device’s WiFi connection – and with it, their privacy HELSINKI, FINLAND – November 25, 2014 — / — November 25, 2014: It’s holiday shopping season again, and consumers will join the rush to buy devices and accessories for [...]

Drop Dropbox, Facebook and Google, Snowden recently advised. An F-Secure survey shows many people are willing to make the switch to more secure services. HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 29, 2014 — / — On the heels of Edward Snowden’s advice to switch from Dropbox, Facebook and Google to services that place a high priority on [...]

The new Globe Cloud, powered by F-Secure, will allow Globe customers to access their photos and stream videos via any of their devices. HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 16, 2014 — / — F-Secure and Globe Telecom, the leading telecommunications operator in the Philippines, have struck a deal to provide safe personal cloud services to Globe’s mobile [...]

F-Secure-powered KPN Up lets customers stream, share and access their photos and videos anywhere. HELSINKI, FINLAND – October 3, 2014 — / — F-Secure and Dutch telecommunications leader KPN have expanded their partnership to provide free secure online storage services to KPN internet subscribers. With its new service Up, which is powered by F-Secure’s safe, [...]

In a Europol-supported investigation, researchers found consumers recklessly exposing their personal details via public wi-fi and carelessly agreeing to outlandish terms and conditions HELSINKI, FINLAND – September 30, 2014 — / — A new F-Secure wi-fi investigation conducted on the streets of London shows that consumers carelessly use public wi-fi without regard for their personal [...]

A cloud-based service, younited works on mobile devices and is accessible anywhere MADISON, WI – September 24, 2014 — / — According to Nielsen, the average American owns four digital devices. Marketing Charts, a prominent marketing trends newsletter, says college students own an average of seven. This means a family of four could have files [...]

The new Threat Report from F-Secure Labs reveals the latest details on threats to PC, Mac and mobile. Helsinki, Finland – September 8, 2014 — / — The first half 2014 saw an increase in online attacks that lock up user data and hold it for ransom – even on mobile devices. According to F-Secure Labs’ [...]

The trend of student devices in the classroom is growing, with a boost from cloud-based services like younited that can be accessed from any device. Helsinki, Finland – August 26, 2014 — / — With summer holidays and vacations behind, it’s back to school and work. And like professionals, more and more students are taking [...]

Younited is competing among mobile app gems from around the world that are being evaluated by a jury of top IT experts. HELSINKI, FINLAND – August 12, 2014 — / – Younited by F-Secure, F-Secure’s secure online storage service for photos, videos and docs, has been selected to participate in the UN-based World Summit Award Mobile [...]

Frontier Communications Subscribers Now Have Access to F-Secure’s Engaging, Safe and User-Friendly Personal Cloud Service Which Supersedes the Competition HELSINKI, FINLAND – August 5, 2014 — / — Frontier Communications, one of America’s largest providers of communications services to rural and mid-sized communities, has chosen F-Secure’s personal cloud service to serve its’ customers’ digital content needs. [...]

The new Virgin Media Cloud is part of the two companies’ greater strategy: Ensure peoples’ digital lifestyles are safe and secure at all times. HELSINKI, FINLAND – July 30, 2014 — / — F-Secure has expanded its partnership with Virgin Media, the UK’s leading communications provider, to offer Virgin Media broadband customers a personal cloud service. Customers [...]

Year 1 A.S.: “I Hope We Get More Snowdens” Security expert Mikko Hypponen of F-Secure talks about the events of Year 1 After Snowden, and their impact on people and business HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 5, 2014 — / — A year ago, the Snowden revelations were just beginning to shock the world. And today, [...]

Telecom Italia’s new F-Secure backed security service protects consumers’ smartphones, tablets and computers for a secure online life. HELSINKI, FINLAND – June 3, 2014 — / — F-Secure has partnered with Telecom Italia, Italy’s leading operator, to offer multi-device security to all Telecom Italia’s consumer mobile customers. The new service, called TIMProtect, provides comprehensive protection [...]

Facebook will use F-Secure’s award-winning security software as a free service for Facebook users. HELSINKI, FINLAND – May 21, 2014 — / — People share via social media more than any other channel. But with social media exploits of personal and corporate accounts frequently making headlines, it’s time for new ways to protect consumers’ digital [...]

With younited for Business, worries about security, privacy and trust no longer need to keep SMBs from the productivity benefits of collaborating in the cloud. Helsinki, Finland – May 13, 2014 — / — Cloud collaboration offers big benefits for small and medium size business. Yet many businesses hesitate from jumping into the cloud due [...]

Almost all new mobile threats in Q1 2014 targeted Android users, and cybercriminals “innovated” with a list of first-ever threats on the platform.  HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 29, 2014 — / — Over 99% of new mobile threats discovered by F-Secure Labs in the first quarter of 2014 targeted Android users, according to F-Secure’s new Mobile [...]

Younited Events is a brand new way to enjoy all your friends’ photos and videos from life’s events in real time, privately or publicly – all in one place. HELSINKI, FINLAND – April 9, 2014 — / — Hundreds of millions of photos are shared online per day, and the best method of grouping them [...]

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