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.Kaspersky Lab study finds global data breach costs jumping up more than a fifth for both enterprises and SMBs Woburn, MA – May 24, 2018 — / — New research from the Kaspersky Lab 2018 B2B Survey shows that the average cost of experiencing a data breach globally is on the rise – with breaches now amounting [...]

.These findings and more in Kaspersky Lab’s new ‘Spam and Phishing in Q1 2018’ report Woburn, MA – May 23, 2018 — / — In the first quarter of 2018, Kaspersky Lab’s anti-phishing technologies prevented more than 3.7 million attempts to visit fraudulent social network pages, of which 60 percent were fake Facebook pages, according to Kaspersky [...]

.Vulnerabilities divulge pet’s location, its owner’s sensitive personal data and more Woburn, MA – May 22, 2018 — / — To determine if pets are secure from cyberthreats, Kaspersky Lab researchers have studied several popular pet trackers and discovered vulnerabilities which allow cybercriminals to hack the trackers, identify a pet and its owner’s coordinates, replace [...]

.Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT has analyzed the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) protocol, which is designed for secure data transfer between servers and clients in industrial systems, including critical infrastructure Woburn, MA – May 15, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab ICS CERT has analyzed the OPC Unified Architecture (OPC UA) protocol, which is designed [...]

.Exploits for Microsoft Office in-the-wild topped the list of cyber headaches in Q1 2018, according to Kaspersky Lab’s latest IT threat evolution report Woburn, MA – May 14, 2018 – / — Exploits for Microsoft Office in-the-wild topped the list of cyber headaches in Q1 2018. Overall, the number of users attacked with malicious Office documents [...]

.Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a new variant of the SynAck ransomware Trojan using the Doppelgänging technique to bypass anti-virus security by hiding in legitimate processes Woburn, MA – May 7, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a new variant of the SynAck ransomware Trojan using the Doppelgänging technique to bypass anti-virus [...]

.Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered ZooPark, a sophisticated cyberespionage campaign that has been targeting Android device users based in Middle Eastern countries for several years Woburn, MA – May 3, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered ZooPark, a sophisticated cyberespionage campaign that has been targeting Android device users based in Middle Eastern [...]

.Experts agree that stress relating to technology and cybersecurity is an escalating issue Woburn, MA – May 1, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab has revealed a new survey report today, which shows that 81 percent of Americans and 72 percent of Canadians admit to feeling stressed by the news of data breaches. The Kaspersky [...]

.Focus on Asia and Middle East, along with other trends, covered in Kaspersky Lab’s Q1 2018 threat intelligence report Woburn, MA – April 12, 2018 — / — During the first three months of the year, Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered a wave of new advanced persistent threat (APT) activity based mainly in Asia, with more [...]

.Woburn, MA – March 14, 2018 — / — Today, Kaspersky Lab is introducing updates to Kaspersky Password Manager, the company’s next generation solution for securely storing online account information. Now, the product not only stores usernames and passwords, but also securely stores payment data as well as scans and photos of documents. According to [...]

.Woburn, MA – March 5, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers discovered cybercriminals have started using sophisticated infection methods and techniques borrowed from targeted attacks in order to install mining software on attacked PCs within organizations. The most successful group observed by Kaspersky Lab earned at least $7 million by exploiting their victims in [...]

.This analysis of the financial threat landscape marks the first time, since recording phishing attempts, that figures have reached over 50 percent Woburn, MA – February 28, 2018 — / — According to Kaspersky Lab anti-phishing technologies, in 2017 over 246 million user attempts to visit different kinds of phishing pages were detected, with 54 [...]

.Woburn, MA – February 27, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered vulnerabilities in a smart hub used to manage all the connected modules and sensors installed in the home. Analysis reveals that it is possible for a remote attacker to access the product’s server and download an archive containing the personal data [...]

.Woburn, MA – February 22, 2018 — / — According to Kaspersky Lab research, the financial impact of a Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack is continuing to rise globally – totalling over $120K for SMBs and costing enterprises over $2M, per attack on average. Kaspersky Lab’s IT Security Risks Survey 2017* shows that the [...]

.Woburn, MA – February 21, 2018 — / — According to a new report from Kaspersky Lab, 70 percent of people in relationships share passwords, PINs or fingerprints to access their significant other’s personal devices. While exchanging digital details may seem romantic for some couples, this practice can result in security and privacy risks for [...]

.WOBURN, MA – February 13, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered ‘in the wild’ attacks being carried out by a new piece of malware using a zero-day vulnerability in the Telegram Desktop app. The vulnerability was used to deliver multi-purpose malware, which depending on the computer, can be used either as a [...]

.Kaspersky Lab provided technical assistance to investigation Woburn, MA – February 9, 2018 — / — The Belgian Federal Police is today releasing free decryption keys for the Cryakl ransomware, after working in close cooperation with Kaspersky Lab. The keys were obtained during an ongoing investigation. By sharing the keys with No More Ransom, the [...]

.WOBURN, MA – February 7, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have helped uncover a number of unknown vulnerabilities that have left gas stations around the world exposed to remote takeover, often for years. The vulnerabilities were found in an embedded gas station controller, of which there are currently over 1,000 installed and online. [...]

.Woburn, MA – February 1, 2018 — / — Today, Kaspersky Lab is announcing Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365, a new Security-as-a-Service offering powered by machine learning and real-time cloud-based threat intelligence to enhance protection for Microsoft Exchange. The offering provides next generation detection technology that is simple to configure with native integration and [...]

.Kaspersky Lab joins the National Cyber Security Alliance and hundreds of organizations in a global effort to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust Woburn, MA – January 17, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab North America has become a Champion of Data Privacy Day 2018, an international effort held annually on January 28 to [...]

.Woburn, MA – January 16, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered an advanced mobile implant, active since 2014 and designed for targeted cyber-surveillance, possibly as an ‘offensive security’ product. The implant, named Skygofree, includes functionality never seen in the wild before, such as location-based audio recording through infected devices. The spyware is [...]

.Woburn, MA – January 10, 2018 — / — According to a study of consumers conducted by Kaspersky Lab, nearly half (49%) of employees surveyed consider protection from cyberthreats a shared responsibility, but only one tenth (12%) of employed respondents claim to be fully aware of their organizations IT security policies and rules. The consumer [...]

.Woburn, MA – January 4, 2018 — / — According to the Kaspersky Lab IT Security Risks Survey[1], every fourth industrial company of over 900 surveyed faced a variety of cyberattacks in 2017. Of the evolving types of threats used by cybercriminals, one of the fastest growing types aimed at industrial organizations is targeted attacks, [...]

.Woburn, MA – December 21, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have identified a fraud scheme where mining software was distributed and secretly installed on users’ PCs through pirated software commonly used for work and entertainment, such as photo and text editors, etc. The PCs were then exploited for the creation of cryptocurrencies, with all profits [...]

.This year’s number of new malicious files increased 11.5 percent from 2016 Woburn, MA – December 14, 2017 — / — The number of new malicious files processed by Kaspersky Lab’s in-lab detection technologies reached 360,000 a day in 2017, which is 11.5 percent more than the previous year. After a slight decrease in 2015, the number [...]

.Woburn, MA – December 12, 2017 — / — A new report from Kaspersky Lab has found that consumers could find themselves faced with an unexpected bill this holiday season if cybercriminals compromise their trusted devices. According to the report, “Not logging on, but living on,” consumers estimate that it would cost them an average of $636 to [...]

.WOBURN, MA – November 28, 2017 — / — In 2017, 26.2 percent of ransomware targets were business users, compared to 22.6 percent in 2016. This is due in part to three unprecedented ransomware attacks targeting corporate networks that forever changed the landscape of this increasingly virulent threat, which Kaspersky Lab has named its key topic for 2017. [...]

.The saying goes ‘don’t mix business with pleasure’, but research from Kaspersky Lab reveals business owners and employees could be unwittingly putting their companies at risk, with many of them using work devices to keep up their dating habits, or divulging company secrets when looking for matches. WOBURN, MA – November 20, 2017 — / [...]

.Woburn, MA – November 7, 2017 — / — New research from Kaspersky Lab found that one-in-ten (13%) users of online dating websites admit that they give out personal data to matches within minutes or hours of starting a conversation. Additionally, the research showed that people who use online dating websites encounter cyberthreats more frequently [...]

.WOBURN, MA – November 2, 2017 – / – Kaspersky Lab announced today a new report, “New Threats, New Mindset: Being Risk Ready in a World of Complex Attacks,” which found that businesses realize a security breach will happen to them at some point (57 percent vs. 51 percent last year), but they remain unsure of the most effective [...]

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