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.Kaspersky Lab provided technical assistance to investigation Woburn, MA – February 9, 2018 — / — The Belgian Federal Police is today releasing free decryption keys for the Cryakl ransomware, after working in close cooperation with Kaspersky Lab. The keys were obtained during an ongoing investigation. By sharing the keys with No More Ransom, the [...]

.WOBURN, MA – February 7, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have helped uncover a number of unknown vulnerabilities that have left gas stations around the world exposed to remote takeover, often for years. The vulnerabilities were found in an embedded gas station controller, of which there are currently over 1,000 installed and online. [...]

.Woburn, MA – February 1, 2018 — / — Today, Kaspersky Lab is announcing Kaspersky Security for Microsoft Office 365, a new Security-as-a-Service offering powered by machine learning and real-time cloud-based threat intelligence to enhance protection for Microsoft Exchange. The offering provides next generation detection technology that is simple to configure with native integration and [...]

.Kaspersky Lab joins the National Cyber Security Alliance and hundreds of organizations in a global effort to respect privacy, safeguard data and enable trust Woburn, MA – January 17, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab North America has become a Champion of Data Privacy Day 2018, an international effort held annually on January 28 to [...]

.Woburn, MA – January 16, 2018 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have uncovered an advanced mobile implant, active since 2014 and designed for targeted cyber-surveillance, possibly as an ‘offensive security’ product. The implant, named Skygofree, includes functionality never seen in the wild before, such as location-based audio recording through infected devices. The spyware is [...]

.Woburn, MA – January 10, 2018 — / — According to a study of consumers conducted by Kaspersky Lab, nearly half (49%) of employees surveyed consider protection from cyberthreats a shared responsibility, but only one tenth (12%) of employed respondents claim to be fully aware of their organizations IT security policies and rules. The consumer [...]

.Woburn, MA – January 4, 2018 — / — According to the Kaspersky Lab IT Security Risks Survey[1], every fourth industrial company of over 900 surveyed faced a variety of cyberattacks in 2017. Of the evolving types of threats used by cybercriminals, one of the fastest growing types aimed at industrial organizations is targeted attacks, [...]

.Woburn, MA – December 21, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have identified a fraud scheme where mining software was distributed and secretly installed on users’ PCs through pirated software commonly used for work and entertainment, such as photo and text editors, etc. The PCs were then exploited for the creation of cryptocurrencies, with all profits [...]

.This year’s number of new malicious files increased 11.5 percent from 2016 Woburn, MA – December 14, 2017 — / — The number of new malicious files processed by Kaspersky Lab’s in-lab detection technologies reached 360,000 a day in 2017, which is 11.5 percent more than the previous year. After a slight decrease in 2015, the number [...]

.Woburn, MA – December 12, 2017 — / — A new report from Kaspersky Lab has found that consumers could find themselves faced with an unexpected bill this holiday season if cybercriminals compromise their trusted devices. According to the report, “Not logging on, but living on,” consumers estimate that it would cost them an average of $636 to [...]

.WOBURN, MA – November 28, 2017 — / — In 2017, 26.2 percent of ransomware targets were business users, compared to 22.6 percent in 2016. This is due in part to three unprecedented ransomware attacks targeting corporate networks that forever changed the landscape of this increasingly virulent threat, which Kaspersky Lab has named its key topic for 2017. [...]

.The saying goes ‘don’t mix business with pleasure’, but research from Kaspersky Lab reveals business owners and employees could be unwittingly putting their companies at risk, with many of them using work devices to keep up their dating habits, or divulging company secrets when looking for matches. WOBURN, MA – November 20, 2017 — / [...]

.Woburn, MA – November 7, 2017 — / — New research from Kaspersky Lab found that one-in-ten (13%) users of online dating websites admit that they give out personal data to matches within minutes or hours of starting a conversation. Additionally, the research showed that people who use online dating websites encounter cyberthreats more frequently [...]

.WOBURN, MA – November 2, 2017 – / – Kaspersky Lab announced today a new report, “New Threats, New Mindset: Being Risk Ready in a World of Complex Attacks,” which found that businesses realize a security breach will happen to them at some point (57 percent vs. 51 percent last year), but they remain unsure of the most effective [...]

.WOBURN, MA – October 30, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab experts are registering important changes in the operations of the infamous Gaza Team Cybergang, which is actively targeting multiple commercial and government organizations in the Middle East and Africa (MENA) region. While the group has been active in the threat landscape for several years, it has upgraded [...]

.With 48% of businesses experiencing a talent shortage, Cybersecurity for the Next Generation calls on students and young specialists worldwide to take on the challenge WOBURN, MA – October 19, 2017 — / — In an effort to address the IT security talent shortage, and with one of the biggest pools of extraordinarily talented experts [...]

.WOBURN, MA – October 18, 2017 — / — A reliance on mobile devices and apathy towards device security have been highlighted as key cybersecurity impact areas in Kaspersky Lab’s latest Kaspersky Cybersecurity Index, an aggregate of indicators reflecting changes in online behavior. In the first half of 2017, the Index revealed that consumers are [...]

.WOBURN, Mass. – October 10, 2017 — / — According to Kaspersky Lab research, Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks are on the rise, with over a third (33%) of organizations facing a DDoS attack in 2017, compared to just 17 percent in 2016. This rapid development in the cyber threat landscape means that all businesses – [...]

.WOBURN, MA – October 3, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab created a two-day pop-up shop in London called the Data Dollar Store, which used personal data, or “Data Dollars,” as the only form of currency accepted. The Data Dollar Store demonstrated the monetary value that personal data could have in future retail transactions, raising [...]

.WOBURN, MA – September 28, 2017 — / — A new report from Kaspersky Lab found that in the first half of the year, the manufacturing industry was the most susceptible to cyberthreats – with the industrial control systems (ICS) computers of manufacturing companies accounting for almost one third of all attacks. The Kaspersky Lab report, “Threat [...]

.WOBURN, MA – September 19, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab announced today a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, “IT Security: cost-center or strategic investment?” which found that this year, the cost of a cyberattack increased for enterprises in North America. Based on a survey of over 5,000 businesses across 30 countries, [...]

.Woburn, MA – August 15, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab found that exploit packages in-the-wild became the game changer of the cyber threat landscape in Q2 2017. In just three months, Kaspersky Lab products have blocked more than five million attacks that involved exploits from archives leaked on the web. According to the findings [...]

.Woburn, MA – August 15, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab researchers have discovered a backdoor planted in a server management software product used by hundreds of large businesses worldwide. When activated, the backdoor allows attackers to download further malicious modules or steal data. Kaspersky Lab has alerted NetSarang, the affected software vendor, and as [...]

.WOBURN, MA – August 9, 2017 — / — Today, Kaspersky Lab is announcing a new report, “MSP: Trends, Challenges and the Keys to Success in Managed Security in 2017,” that found two-in-three managed service providers (MSPs) are suffering from a shortage of qualified cybersecurity staff, as well as other challenges pointing to the industry potentially struggling [...]

.WOBURN, MA – August 8, 2017 — / – Kaspersky Lab announced its latest quarterly threat intelligence report, which shows sophisticated threat actors unleashed a wealth of new and enhanced malicious tools, including three zero-day exploits and two unprecedented attacks: WannaCry and ExPetr. The report highlights the expert analysis of these advanced attacks and other trends in cybersecurity [...]

.One year ago on July 25, 2016, the No More Ransom initiative was launched by the Dutch National Police, Europol, McAfee and Kaspersky Lab WOBURN, MA – July 25, 2017 — / — One year ago on July 25, 2016, the No More Ransom initiative was launched by the Dutch National Police, Europol, McAfee and [...]

.WOUBURN, MA, July 10, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab announced a new report from Kaspersky Lab and B2B International, “Human Factor in IT Security: How Employees are Making Businesses Vulnerable from Within,” that found employees hide IT security incidents in 40 percent of businesses across the globe to avoid punishment. When examining further exactly [...]

.WOBURN, MA – July 6, 2017 — / — To streamline the process of gathering evidence from infected computers after a cyberattack, a Kaspersky Lab expert developed an innovative but simple, free tool that is now available. The new tool, “BitScout,” allows investigators to build a “Swiss army knife” for the forensic investigation of live [...]

.WOBURN, MA – June 26, 2017 — / — Mobile ransomware actors are focusing their attacks on wealthy countries, according to the annual ransomware report from Kaspersky Lab. The report from April 2016 to March 2017, shows the United States was the country with the highest percentage of mobile users attacked with mobile ransomware, followed [...]

.WOBURN, MA – June 20, 2017 — / — Kaspersky Lab announced a new “State of Industrial Cybersecurity 2017” survey, which found that over half (54%) of ICS companies interviewed have experienced at least one cyberattack in the last 12 months – with one-in-five (21%) experiencing two incidents in the same time frame. Overall, half [...]

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