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.By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions February 25, 2013 SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Common Mistakes in Planning Disaster Recovery There are a number of common mistakes that are committed by organizations setting out to create their first digital disaster recovery plans in a world driven by cloud backups and virtualisations. Organizations do not pause to understand [...]

.By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions December 3, 2012 SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud Computing Trends – Scale out Networking “Scale out” networking is a term that is being used more frequently today in the cloud computing and IT infrastructure management world. What does it really mean though? “Scale out” Networking is a term that describes [...]

.By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions November 13, 2012 SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Cloud Computing Trends – Consumerisation of IT There seems to be a fairly universal consensus that IT Consumerisation is the most important trend today. The proliferation of hand held devices has produced an overwhelming demand for data mobility, underscoring the organisation’s felt need [...]

.By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions October 29, 2012 SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Amazon Outage Demonstrates the Need for Backup of Cloud Services It’s all over the news today, the outage at Amazon Web Services has taken down some very popular web services and no doubt a bunch of niche or smaller service [...]

.By Lorcan Cunningham, MD, Savenet Solutions Sept 04, 2012 SaveNet Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Do you have the Protocols in Place to Protect Data in the Cloud? The advent of cloud computing may have been initially treated with suspicion by the enterprise, but has enjoyed more and more enthusiasm and confidence over the last year. one [...]


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