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By Mamush Heayie Oct. 14, 2013 Comment on the iomart Acquisition of Backup Technology Glasgow, UK based iomart Group announced on Tuesday Oct. 1, 2013 that it has acquired cloud backup and disaster recovery services provider, Backup Technology (BTL) for £23 Million Pounds or $37 Million USD. Apparently, BTL had been on iomart`s “radar for [...]

By Ritchie Feddes, EVP Backup-Technology July 16, 2012 Backup-Technology Online Data Backup Expert Tips: European Commission Praises Cloud Computing At present, Europe maintains its differences in language, customs and laws. At the same time though, it is strategically and economically unified: the 27 nations of the European Union make up a single market that is [...]

Reducing Organizational Risk with Cloud-Based Data Protection TORONTO – March 21, 2012 –/– Asigra Inc., a leading Cloud Backup™ and recovery software provider since 1986, today announced that its partner, Backup Technology Limited (BTL), will present on minimizing organizational, employee and customer risks with cloud-based data protection. In a presentation titled, “The Business Case for [...]

London, UK, Jan 31, 2011 –/– IT Managed Services Provider (MSP), The Internet Group, is delighted to announce that it has partnered with the award winning Online Backup provider, Backup Technology. This partnership will allow The Internet Group to offer the most advanced Online Backup technology available. Whilst traditional Online Backup is a fantastic accompaniment [...]

Leeds, UK and Houston, TX, Dec. 9, 2010 –/– Backup Technology Limited and Terian Solutions LLC announced today at the Gartner Data Centre Conference Las Vegas, the completion of a merger to create the world`s largest managed Online Backup and Disaster Recovery specialist. The combined entity will retain the Backup Technology name and brand to [...]

Asigra and Backup-Technology Present Liverpool Football Club Case Study at the 2010 Gartner Data Center Conference in Las Vegas Joint presentation to lead a discussion on how U.K. customer, Liverpool Football Club, has improved data recovery with secure, reliable and predictable cloud-based backup TORONTO – Dec. 7, 2010 –/– Asigra Inc., a leading cloud backup [...] (4.5 Stars out of Possible 5) Reviewed on November 7, 2010 The Asigra Universe Asigra Cloud backup is a product of choice for service providers; IT constrained organizations and industries with compliant mandates. This product–created by Asigra Inc– enables service providers to hit the ground running and go to market with [...]

July 16, 2010 By Ritchie Fiddes, Sales Director at Backup-Technology Backup-Technology Online Data Backuyp Expert Tips: Uncovering and Calculating the Hidden Costs of Downtime What is downtime? Downtime is the time that is lost when your computing systems do not work for any reason. The cause could be as simple as power outage or as [...]

Famous Data Loss Disasters & How They Could Have Been Prevented By Ritchie Fiddes, Sales Director, Backup Technology April 05, 2010 Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. If you have not learnt from the data loss disasters that are reported from time to time in the media and made the effort to avert such [...]

April 02, 2010 By Ezra Brook, There are millions of Word Press (WP) based blogs and websites out there – our website is one of them. These WP blog sites are being used by individuals, families, groups, small companies, medium companies and huge corporations as a way to communicate with others and exchange of [...]

Advances in Data Backup Technologies By Ritchie Fiddes, Sales Director, Backup Technology March 05, 2010 What drives advances in data backup technologies? The demand for better and faster backup technology, of course! As the volumes of mission critical information with small, medium and large enterprises swell, they trigger off a demand for larger capacity backup media; greater backup and restore speeds; greater demand for security, accessibility and high [...]

Dangers of Outdated Backup Solutions By Ritchie Fiddes, Sales Director, Backup Technology February 05, 2010 Time is money and those who waste time and money will soon find themselves out of business. One of the factors that can waste both your time and your money is the use of outdated backup technologies. So, if the enterprise is still using outdated backup technologies, it needs to [...]

Choosing a Data Backup Provider By Ritchie Fiddes, Sales Director, Backup Technology January 08, 2010 Increasing volumes of mission critical data with small, medium and large enterprises have raised concerns about data backup, storage and access. Disaster recovery and business continuity enactments and regulations have also made it imperative that data is backed up systematically, regularly and efficiently [...]

Creating a Disaster Recovery Strategy for your Business By Ritchie Fiddes, Sales Director, Backup Technology December 04,  2009 It does not pay to be an ostrich. You cannot bury your head in the sand with an absolute conviction that while disasters overtake everyone, your organization will remain immune to disaster! Intelligent and shrewd businessmen must [...]


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