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By Rob Morrison, Director of Marketing at Bacula Systems July 15, 2016 Cloud Backup Expert Tips: MSPs Look to Drive New Business While Reducing IT Costs MSPs are challenged by increasing competition. They need to drive new business while reducing IT costs and complexity. That means changing their data backup strategy and giving serious thought to [...]

By Rob Morrison, Director of Marketing at Bacula Systems July 01, 2016 Cloud Backup Expert Tips: High-Profile Enterprises Shift To Bacula Systems’ Backup Software The current market trend in IT infrastructure is to find high value solutions that bring about efficiency and reliability. Competition is fierce and as a result — and regardless of the [...]

By Rob Morrison, Director of Marketing at Bacula Systems June 10, 2016 Bacula Systems Cloud Backup Expert Tips: Choosing the Right Cloud Backup for your Business If your organisation is seeking to employ cloud services, such as cloud backup, here is a snapshot of several steps that will probably be useful to you to have [...]


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