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.By Zaid Rasid, Digital Marketing Manager at Asigra Asigra had the opportunity to sponsor and attend Techfield Day [ ] last week while also presenting the new V12 product offering to a panel of well known IT bloggers. In particular, Asigra was part of StorageField Day, a component of Techfield Day that focuses on [...]

.By Zaid Rasid, Digital Marketing Manager at Asigra August 9, 2012 Asigra Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Real Implications of Bring Your Own Devices (BYOD) – The Mat Honan Story Wired magazine’s Mat Honan, a US journalist, recently learned a difficult lesson in backup. His digital life was turned upside down after hackers gained access into his personal accounts and devices. [...]

.By Zaid Rasid, Digital Marketing Manager at Asigra August 3, 2012 Asigra Online Data Backup Expert Tips: Optimizing Your Cloud Backups You’re ready to move into the cloud, but before you can get there you actually have to get your data to the cloud. Below are some tips on how you can optimize your first cloud [...]


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