New service enables customers to store up to 125,000 songs, 700 SD movies or 500,000 photos online. Up to ten people in a Virgin Media broadband household can have their own account. Each user gets 5GB free storage.

SWANSEA, UK – March 12, 2014 — / — The way our customers use their broadband is changing. Not long ago, most families had just one PC to get online but, now, a multitude of tablets, smartphones, laptops and gaming consoles are being used to fulfil a household’s connectivity needs, with all the family often going online at the same time.

We know our customers are using more internet-enabled gadgets at home than ever before – with an average of five devices connecting to each of our Super Hubs – and they’re sharing their photos and videos with friends and family around the world.

As typical Virgin Media households no longer rely on a single computer to access the internet, we want to ensure we’re providing our customers with the right tools to enjoy being online in a way that’s safe and convenient across all their devices.

We’ve recently launched our new whole-home parental controls technology, Web Safe, which allows the account holder to restrict access to potentially age-inappropriate websites at no extra cost and works across all devices connected to the home network.

Our customers can also enjoy 12 months free F-Secure SAFE for multi-device, out-of-home protection and other great apps such as SmartCall and Virgin TV Anywhere that help them get the most out of their Virgin Media connections, whatever device they’re using.

We want to keep our customers, and their content, safe online so we’re giving our broadband customers an easy way to store and share content instantly from any device, wherever they are. So we’ve launched a new online storage service today that enables them to do just that.

Virgin Media Cloud means you can store and protect up to 500GB of content from any device and safely share it straight from the Cloud by email, Facebook and Twitter.

We worked with F-Secure, a company which specialises in digital security, to develop the new service which automatically backs up users’ content in the Cloud for complete peace of mind. So if a device gets broken, lost or stolen, they can quickly and easily download their content from the Cloud to a new device.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to store, back up and access files safely from any location. As content syncs across all registered devices, users can take a photo on their smartphone while they’re out and view it on their laptop when they get home.

We’re offering a range of tiers to suit the varying storage needs of our customers, enabling customers to store up to 125,000 songs, 700 SD movies or 500,000 photos online. Up to ten people in a Virgin Media broadband household can have their own account and what’s more, we’re giving each user 5GB free storage to get them started.

You can find out more about the service here:

This is the latest launch of some great services we’re making available to our customers to help them make the most of being online and get great value from their subscriptions. So if you’ve never made a call over WiFi with SmartCall or streamed a live TV show on Virgin TV Anywhere, don’t miss out – it only takes a few clicks to start enjoying lots of benefits at no extra cost.


Source: Virgin Media


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