Cost effective BDR Systems custom designed by Digiliant

OKEMOS, MI – May 15, 2014 — / — Based in Okemos, MI, provider of customized NAS/SAN/SSD, has announced its inclusion of BDR (Backup and Disaster Recovery) systems into our product lineup at a very affordable price.

As storage requirements are pushed to their limits we are seeing the need for everything from increased power to more efficient hardware. There is not only a need to store data, but organize, prioritize and back it up. A BDR system, according to Digiliant, goes above and beyond in meeting these consumer needs.

Digiliant has several system options in fold and working with several MSP across the U.S. already in support of BDR for their clients. Backing up your Data has taken a critical roll for every business sector to ensure against Data Lost and quick recovery if data is lost. IT administrator relies on top performing BDR systems to support their clients and Digiliant offers excellent support and performance of their systems.

Digiliant BDR’s come in 1U and 2U chassis with options of different TB supported and enough memory along with the controller and HDD to support the project. Systems range from 2TB up to 20TB for the BDR systems. Windows and Linux OS are available. Contact Tom T at 800-306-2199 x7006 or tom[.] for more details.

Our MSP’s are supported with remote access to support and service their clients systems and ensure that they perform at a high level and if issues present themselves Digiliant can handle most issues with our customers next business day. Customer satisfaction is #1 priority at Digiliant is continuing to build partnerships across the U.S. and System Prices are #2 and that’s why it works for both parties to ensure the customer knows their data is 100% protected and our customers get a great product at a great price.

Digiliant Storage Servers are built on the Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 X64 and Linux CentOS, Red Hat and Open-E OS platforms. All systems are ‘custom’ built and pre-setup ready to go out of the box.

Offering Windows-based BDR systems technology is, according to Digiliant’s Senior Account Manager, Tom Tarasiewicz, in keeping with the company’s overall commitment to staying on the cutting edge with current products and giving their customers effective solutions for their storage needs; demands that are increasing for most businesses by up to 40% per year.

“We are a company that is very much customer focused in custom designed systems,” says Tarasiewicz. “Our customers come to us with individual storage needs and our goal is always to provide them with specific, customized solutions to meet those needs with one of BEST cost effective priced systems in the market today.

Digiliant provides customized, scalable, Non-Proprietary Network Storage solutions for small to mid-sized businesses, large corporations, educational and government facilities, as well as the military and their contractors across the U.S. It incorporates over 20 years of computer hardware support and custom server designs to create NAS/SAN iSCSI/SSD solutions – for both Microsoft Windows Storage Server 2012 R2 and Linux Solutions.

“Digiliant – “Reliability”,”High Performance” and “Affordable Price” for NAS/SAN iSCSI/SSD Storage Server solutions that simply work”

Tom Tarasiewicz (Tom T)
800-306-2199 x7006

Source: Digiliant