INDEPENDENCE, OH – July 22, 2014 — / — United Computer Group, Inc. (UCG), an information technology services firm, is pleased to announce that Optimum Solutions has chosen UCG’s VAULT400 BaaS as it’s backup and DR solution. VAULT400 Baas provides cloud backup for Optimum’s multiple IBM i servers to ensure quick and reliable backup and restores. Their daily backup time has been cut from hours to minutes. Data backup is automated and encrypted throughout the process with only the user having access to the data.

VAULT400 BaaS was chosen by Dave Waters, Manager of IT Operations for Optimum Solutions, to backup mission-critical engineering development data on the IBM i. “Beginning in 2011 we started discussions with UCG on backup and DR solutions. At that time we were testing the waters with various backup methods to move our data from tape. Tape backup had become burdensome, and when we were ready to make the transition in 2014, VAULT400 Baas was our solution of choice,” says Dave. “We did our homework.”

As B2B partners, UCG and Optimum Solutions have opened many doors to provide clients with complete HRIS and cloud backup and DR solutions. UCG’s IBM i clients have strong support with their strategic partner in making payroll and HR management simple. Optimum Solutions clients have a proven backup and DR solution available to them for IBM i, Windows, VMware and all supported platforms with VAULT400 Baas.

Cloud backup has become very competitive, but UCG has found their niche business as others have seen their doors shuttered. Focus on the IBM i and Open Systems from 10GB to >100TB coupled with disaster recovery options has proven UCG’s strength in the market.

Optimum Solutions is an industry software leader for Payroll, Human Resources and Time & Attendance. Their successful history in the HRIS software arena has placed them as an Inc. 500 award winner and named them one of the fastest growing companies in the U.S.

About United Computer Group, Inc. and VAULT400 BaaS •
UCG provides cost-effective technology solutions including VAULT400 BaaS and IBM Power Systems, in addition to a wide range of related products and services, all customized to fit the needs of their clients’ current needs and future growth. Founded in 1987, UCG is an IBM Advanced Business Partner specializing in mid-market and enterprise clients. UCG has been rated in the top 1% of IBM Business Partners nationwide.

UCG’s VAULT400 BaaS is a premier managed risk mitigation and business continuity planning service for secure online backup and disaster recovery. VAULT400 backs up an entire organization’s business-critical data to UCG’s secure data centers. Safe and off-site, the encrypted data is available online at all times for immediate, user-initiated recovery. VAULT400 works seamlessly within an organization’s existing infrastructure with no additional hardware required.

About Optimum Solutions
Headquartered in Nashville, TN Optimum Solutions Inc. provides payroll, human resources, and time & attendance (TA) software for both the Microsoft Windows and IBM iSeries (AS400) platforms. Optimum Solutions provides software solutions for any type of business and interfaces to numerous industry-specific software applications including manufacturing, distribution, and entertainment. Optimum has a diverse customer base comprised mostly of mid- sized companies. With over 2,000 software licenses sold, Optimum Payroll is now processing over 11 MILLION paychecks annually at customer sites throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, and Canada.

Media Contact:
James A. Kandrac, President

Source: UCG