Third Largest Sheriff’s Office in US Deploys DDN Storage to Enable 10x Performance Increase and Extended Video Retention for Next Generation Jail-System Security to Video Coverage

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News Facts

  • With its zero-tolerance toward crime, the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office has deployed a state-of-the-art video surveillance and storage archive system with 5.5 petabytes of DataDirect Networks (DDN®) SFA® high-performance storage.
  • As the nation’s third largest Sheriff’s office, Maricopa County, which is located in Arizona and encompasses the Phoenix metropolitan area, has between 7,500 to 10,000 inmates in its jail system across six facilities where the ability to maintain the highest levels of visibility across the County’s jail system to ensure the security and safety of inmates, correctional officers and staff is paramount.
  • Faced with an aging tape-based storage system, ongoing performance issues and a huge influx of data as a result of industry-wide adoption of HD digital SLR, Maricopa County teamed with Sierra Detention Systems to overhaul its physical security platform and keep pace with the scale, performance and density demands of its storage-intensive environment.
  • By combining high density and efficiency with massive capacity capabilities, DDN’s SFA storage platform is ideal for deployments that require secure archiving and rapid access to Big Data such as IP CCTV, sensor and video surveillance systems. With DDN storage for the real-time data capture and video archive for more than 3,000 HD surveillance cameras, Maricopa County now captures and records 24/7 activity across all six sites concurrently, achieving high data availability, simplified storage administration and the ability to scale and manage as many as 30 petabytes of footage.
  • With DDN’s high-performance storage, Maricopa County has created a powerful video archive that is 10 times faster than its predecessor, enabling law enforcement to capture thousands of incidents annually and retrieve up to 60 days of HD footage in seconds. Previously, it could take up to 60 days to retrieve a month’s worth of data from the tape-based archive, which was unacceptably slow and error prone.
  • With its significantly upgraded jail-security system, Maricopa County has improved crime detection and intervention to significantly reduce the cost of litigation and save taxpayers’ dollars.
  • Headed by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, known as “America’s Toughest Sheriff,” according to Maricopa County, the Sherriff’s office has achieved 100 percent visibility across its county-wide jail system to deter crime and lead the way in complying with the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA).

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DDN’s Best-in-Class Performance and Reliability Elevates Jail Security and Safety

  • With DDN technology, Maricopa County ensures the highest levels of storage performance and scalability, capturing real-time data from thousands of cameras at 15 frames per second and then archiving the data-intensive footage for up to 60 days.
  • DDN’s robust performance ensures extremely fast data capture and retrieval, enabling the Sheriff’s Office to keep pace with ever-increasing data workflow requirements.
  • Industry-leading reliability, including RAID 6 active/active storage controllers and DDN DirectProtect™ real-time error detection and correction for reducing the number and the performance impact of drive rebuilds, and stringent redundancy to drive improved ROI.
  • Ease of use and deployment of DDN storage reduced the need for cross-training, which enabled reallocation of funds to direct law enforcement efforts to benefit citizens.
  • DDN’s seamless integration with Sierra Detention Systems’ security controls system, featuring Genetec’s unified IP security system and Bosch HD cameras, helped accelerate overall system deployment.

Supporting Quotes
Lt. Brandon Jones, public information officer, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office:

  • “By improving our video surveillance system, we can take crime detection and intervention to the next level. This will enable the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office to reduce the costs of litigation, which ultimately saves significant taxpayer dollars.”
  • “The new system is 10 times faster, even though the amount of data the Sheriff’s Office now captures and archives has increased significantly. As a result, we expect to double our recording capacity to exceed 2,500 incidents each year.”
  • “Maricopa County is very big on leading the way to keep our facilities the safest and most secure—both from a technological and administrative perspective. Having 100 percent coverage of our facilities gives more exposure of images to the tower control officers and facilitators, which is critical to running a crime-free environment.”

Paul Sims, CTO, Sierra Detention Systems

  • “DDN’s approach to storage is very similar to how Sierra Detention Systems approaches security and surveillance. It’s nice to come at it with the same focus on innovation and redundancy, which has enabled us to build an infrastructure that balances Maricopa County’s stringent security demands with their budgetary requirements.”
  • “An officer pulled 12 hours of full HD video in 17 minutes, which is astronomically fast. Normally, it would take at least three hours to pull that much footage.”
  • “With any storage system, you measure ROI based on how often you have to replace drives and we saw a better return with DDN. Additionally, the ability to go back two months in surveillance history and retrieve footage in seconds is a powerful testimony to the benefits of the technology.”

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