Retrieve Single Contacts From Any Phone with Texting Capabilities

NEW YORK, NY – September 22, 2014 — / — Lukly, a new contact backup solution that allows users the ability to retrieve individual contacts over text message, announced its launch today. Lukly is a first-of-its-kind contact backup solution that utilizes cloud and text message technologies in order to create a solution that keeps contacts safe, always available and easily accessible from any phone with text message capabilities.

Lukly was created by NYU Stern alumni Andres Uribe and Nikhil Thomas. Andres noticed that phone backups, although effective in completely syncing information to a phone, didn’t offer an easy solution for searching for individual contacts from a backup. In an effort to create a solution that made it easy to search for a contact from a personal backup while using another person’s phone, Lukly was born. By utilizing text message technology, Lukly aims to make it as easy as possible to search for a contact saved on a backup without the need to download an app/special service or open a web browser. This is incredibly useful for situations where a phone is out of power, damaged, or stolen, and the owner of the phone is forced to use a friend’s phone or borrow a stranger’s phone but hasn’t memorized the phone number that they need to dial.

“While pitching the idea for Lukly I had several people patronizingly tell me that I should just charge my phone before I went out of my house and I wouldn’t have this problem,” said Lukly Founder Andres Uribe. “Within two months I had received a call from each of these people telling me about how they wish they had Lukly in ‘xyz’ scenario and how they were very eager to become beta testers. Lukly was never intended to be a service that you use every day, but rather something you’ll be really glad you have when it does come time to use it. We hope to make a lot of people really happy knowing that if their phone dies while they’re out of their house they have a dead simple method for retrieving a contact and staying in touch from anyone’s phone.”

Lukly is now open for signup to all users, regardless of cell phone make or model. iPhone users are invited to download the Lukly App in the App Store, which will make syncing a phone’s contacts to the Lukly account a one touch process.

To see how a text message search on Lukly works, check out this 50-second video:

About Lukly
Lukly is a service that allows a user to backup all of their phone’s contacts’ information on a cloud space with the ability to search through the backup and retrieve individual contacts’ info via a text message interface. Once a user backs up their contacts on the Lukly servers they will be able to use anyone’s phone with text messaging, text their login info and the name of the contact who they wish to retrieve to the Lukly vanity number (LUKLY=58559), and they will get a message back with that contact’s phone number and other info stored under the contact. One of the beautiful things about Lukly is that it can be used with any phone with text messaging to search for and retrieve a contact from a backup; there is no need to download anything or access the internet to retrieve a contact from a backup. Lukly is perfect for those instances when someone is out and their phone dies or is lost and they need to get into contact with someone from a borrowed phone.

Lukly is built and headquartered in New York, NY. For more information, go to and, or follow us on Twitter @LuklyApp.

Andres Uribe
+1 (855) 475-8559

Source: Lukly