Google Calendar Users Can Now Instantly Restore Deleted Events

BOSTON, MA – October 1, 2014 — / — Backupify, the leading provider of cloud to cloud backup and recovery solutions for Software as a Service (SaaS) applications, today announced the introduction of a new application, Google Calendar Rescue, which gives Google Calendar users the ability to easily and instantly restore deleted calendar items. Google Calendar Rescue is being offered as a free tool, joining Backupify’s collection of popular free tools such as Migrator for Google Apps. Designed to improve productivity, Google Calendar Rescue is an essential tool for users who depend on their Google Calendars to stay organized.

With Google Calendar Rescue, users can quickly restore any deleted event from their Google Calendar, regardless of the event’s original creator. Calendar events with multiple attendees can be restored, rescheduled, and resent to the original event attendees ensuring critical meetings are back on schedule. Deleted events with attachments can also be restored from any write-access Google Apps Calendar in seconds. Users can restore calendar items from a range of calendar applications and options whether it be an event originating from a mobile device, browser, iCal or other third party calendar application.

Backupify’s Google Calendar Rescue tool is incredibly flexible with multiple integration options. The tool is accessible through the web application, a convenient Chrome Extension or directly through the Google Calendar UI – displaying one simple place to see and then restore deleted items alongside the Calendar interface.

“For those of us who use Google Calendar on a daily basis, it’s obvious that Calendar is the linchpin for organizing an often hectic schedule,” said Rob May, CEO, Backupify. “The ability to restore deleted Calendar events saves an incredible amount of time as well as headaches. As members of the Google Apps community through our Google Apps Premier Technology Partnership, we try to offer both tools and content to help users get the most out of Google’s technology.”

Backupify’s Google Calendar Rescue is a free tool that can be installed via the Google Apps Marketplace (utilizing the new OAuth 2.0 process). New users can immediately restore items as far back as the last seven days.

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