Brings greater storage flexibility at reduced cost versus traditional NAS appliances

HOUSTON, TX – October 28, 2014 — / — SoftNAS™, the #1 Best-Selling NAS in the Cloud, today announced SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure, a full-featured, enterprise-grade NAS (Network-Attached-Storage) filer that enables organizations of all sizes to leverage their existing Microsoft investments to deploy powerful storage capabilities on Microsoft Azure.

Customers can use SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure for protection of mission-critical data and backup and disaster recovery to ensure business continuity. As a virtual NAS appliance, SoftNAS for Microsoft Azure eliminates expensive on-premise storage, unlike traditional legacy NAS appliances. Additionally, the hourly pricing model of the Azure Marketplaceallows customers to scale-up or scale-down storage capacity based on need, without any high up-front costs.

This freedom from datacenter hardware ownership, combined with pricing flexibility, has driven customer interest from industries that often face limited IT capital resources—ranging from DevOps teams, small-to-medium businesses, educational institutions, government organizations, media/publishing companies and SaaS vendors.

Key features of SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure include:

  • Granular access control using Windows Access Control Lists (ACLs): Active Directory Integration Wizard provides simple, easy configuration of Active Directory in 7 mouse clicks.
  • No downtime, HA clusters in 5 minutes: SNAP HA™ with patent-pending technology configures high-availability in 5 minutes with a few mouse clicks once SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure is installed.
  • Efficient block replication for migration, DR and real-time backup: SnapReplicate™ provides versatile block-replication, which sends only changed data between two SoftNAS controllers, for near real-time backup and disaster recovery and site-to-site data transfers and migrations into the Azure cloud.
  • No specialized storage training: With the intuitive StorageCenter™ administration GUI and easy set-up wizards, SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure can be downloaded and configured with a few mouse clicks, straight from the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.
  • Support for CIFS, NFS and iSCSI: standard mounts on thin-provisioned storage volumes with high-performance caching, storage snapshots, writable clones, deduplication, compression and other enterprise-grade NAS features on Azure.
  • Extends the basic capabilities of Azure:SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure extends Azure block storage by combining multiple disks and layering on a full NAS feature set.
  • On-demand agile storage for DevOps: Spin storage up and down throughout the agile development lifecycle using powerful storage API and CLI.

“In the cloud, customers expect the convenience of on-demand self-service without having to sacrifice powerful enterprise-grade functionality. With SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure, SoftNAS brings the same blend of power and simplicity to the Microsoft Azure cloud that it provides to other leading cloud providers,” said Rick Braddy, SoftNAS CEO and founder.

“The SoftNAS Cloud for Microsoft Azure solution helps customers safely and easily migrate their data to the cloud,” said Kim Akers, General Manager, Microsoft. “Through this solution, SoftNAS rises to meet customer demands to ease the transition to a mobile-first, cloud-first world.”

SoftNAS Cloud for Azure starts at $495 per month up to 16 TB.  Hourly pricing starts from $0.18, including a free tier.

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