DALLAS, TX – March 01, 2015 — /BackupReview.info/ — Highly Reliable Systems, the innovative American-made server backup storage experts, have announced immediate availability of their new 2.5-inch MPac-G2 RAID backup media at the XChange Solution Provider event in Dallas, Texas. High-Rely’s portable second-generation MPac enclosure features an integrated RAID-0/1/JBOD controller with field-accessible SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and SATA 6.0 Gb/s connections. The redesigned receiver bay showcases stronger jam-proof construction, and is rated for thousands of insert/eject cycles. MPac-G2 storage devices are now available as an upgrade option for all High-Rely NetSwap and BNAS server backup appliances.

Faster and more compact than a single 3.5″ desktop hard disk, tape or RDX, High-Rely’s MPac-G2 backup media is ideal for transporting data off-site or storing in a safe container. MPac-G2 drives are presently available in raw capacities up to 4TB per cartridge, enabling long-term data retention with half the physical size of other backup storage devices. Matching the portable nature of MPac drives with speeds well beyond single disk performance, this highly-removable media enables technicians to rapidly access data for disaster recovery and restore productivity with minimal downtime.

“Our latest MPac G2 media provides a very small footprint and can easily double the reliability and capacity of many 2.5” SSDs or HDDs by having an integrated RAID 0/1 controller in the cartridge itself,” said Tom Hoops, Chief Technology Officer at Highly Reliable Systems. “MPac’s on-board USB 3.0 access provides speedy in-field and emergency access, while the SATA docking connector allows for high-speed cartridge style insertion and removal into the chassis. The MPac media enclosure is versatile, and can accommodate either one or two 2.5” drives each up to 15mm thick.”

High-Rely’s MPac-G2 backup cartridge features a built-in storage controller capable of RAID-0 for striped sets that combine speed with capacity, or RAID-1 mirroring for redundant data protection. Each MPac-G2 backup drive offers an integrated SuperSpeed USB 3.0 port, enabling plug-n-play connectivity for field access and disaster recovery. Preliminary tests have yielded 260 MB/s transfers across a USB 3.0 connection using MPac-G2 in RAID-0 mode, which surpasses performance for full-size 3.5″ hard disks. Inserted into its redesigned receiver bay, MPac-G2 delivers SATA 6.0 Gb/s connectivity with early performance results reaching twice that of a single hard disk or RDX media.

“By configuring High-Rely MPac-equipped server backup appliances using our Scheduled Mirroring feature, technicians can achieve ‘air gap’ security without the need to remove MPac cartridges. Scheduled Mirroring creates point-in-time snapshots stored to separate MPac drives, which then automatically and transparently drops the secondary drive offline to protect backup data from human error or viruses and malware that attack and maliciously encrypt network data” said Darren McBride, Chief Executive Officer at Highly Reliable Systems. Cloud backup functionality is also available to supplement MPac removable drives, allowing for data to be replicated between NetSwap appliances or uploaded to public clouds such as Amazon S3, Dropbox, Dreamhost, or Google Cloud Storage.”

High-Rely MPac-G2 backup media and accompanying NetSwap server backup appliances are immediately available through channel partner resellers. High-Rely offers a wide range of network-attached and direct-attached backup storage solutions. Please visit http://www.high-rely.com to learn more about the High-Rely product line.

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Highly Reliable Systems is a talented group of engineers, technicians, and backup storage experts based in Reno, Nevada, USA, that have provided computer backup solutions since 2003. High-Rely manufactures durable American-made backup devices utilizing highly-removable drives and network-attached auto backup enclosures. Available through channel partners, RAIDFrame and NetSwap BDR backup solutions are cost effective, reliable, and can be used in most any environment.

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