Geminare Enables Service Providers to Deliver DRaaS Suite Directly Into Google Cloud Platform

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – March 11, 2015 — / — Geminare, the #1 ranked leader in Recovery as a Service (RaaS) enablement, today announced a strategic collaboration with Google to deliver Geminare DRaaS integrated with Google Cloud Platform. Through this collaboration, Geminare’s Cloud Recovery, as well as a new offering, Cloud Archive, have been directly integrated with Google Cloud Platform and are available to the global Service Provider ecosystem. This new suite of Disaster Recovery (DR) solutions affords Service Providers the opportunity to offer their customers reliable, secure, and cost-effective DR solutions delivered from the public cloud.

Geminare DRaaS is the first DRaaS solution chosen by Google for the recently announced Google Cloud Storage Nearline — a low-cost, secure, highly durable storage service for business data archiving, online backup, and disaster recovery. Tightly integrated with Google Cloud Platform, Geminare DRaaS is one of the most cost-effective, enterprise-caliber DRaaS solutions on the market today.

Available through a global ecosystem of Service Providers, the Geminare solutions include:

  • Cloud Recovery: Geminare’s award-winning application and data protection solution that allows customers to leverage Google Cloud Platform for their DR environment.
  • Cloud Archive: A newly announced archive solution tightly integrated with Google Cloud Storage Nearline and Geminare Cloud Recovery. A highly scalable data archiving solution that provides virtually unlimited retention of customer data from either on-premises or hosted servers.
  • DRaaS Cloud Management Platform: A patented portal with tiered DRaaS management services for both Service Providers and customers that complements and optimizes Geminare DRaaS and Google Cloud Platform.

Craig Hurley, VP Product Management at Cosentry, a Geminare DRaaS and Google Cloud Platform Service Provider, comments: “The flexibility and ease of use of Google Cloud Platform are essential in helping us deploy a DRaaS solution to our existing and new customer base. And the reduced costs and global diversity made choosing Google Cloud Platform a no-brainer for us. By leveraging the Geminare DRaaS Platform and suite of offerings, we were able to expand our solution suite practically overnight.”

Paul Melidosian, Solution Specialist at EXPECTtech, a Geminare DRaaS and Google Cloud Platform Service Provider, commented on his experience with one of his clients, Total Title Solutions, stating, “Geminare DRaaS was deployed onto Google Cloud Platform and running within a few days, instantly protecting our client’s mission-critical applications, giving our customer the peace of mind to focus on their core business, and raising EXPECTtech to hero status.”

Prime candidates for Geminare DRaaS include mid-size and enterprise organizations that are managing or building comprehensive Disaster Recovery (DR) infrastructures that frequently involve costly hardware, software, networks, data centers, specialized skills, and substantial resources. These organizations can engage directly or via their preferred Service Provider.

Reflecting on the work with Google Cloud Platform, Geminare’s CEO, Joshua Geist, stated, “The strategic collaboration between Google Cloud Platform and Geminare is a natural fit, and has rapidly facilitated brilliant technology evolution and solution development. I could not be more excited to see how our Service Provider and customer ecosystem embrace the benefits that Geminare DRaaS, combined with Google Cloud Platform, has to offer.”

“Technology has an innate way of disrupting the status quo,” continued Geist. “There are many areas within the technology universe that have remained so stagnant for so long, that when you see a dramatic change happen, all you can do is nod your head in agreement. That’s what has happened in the DR world. The traditional build-it DR model, in place for over 20 years, has changed virtually overnight because of the disruptive force called Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS). DRaaS has put IT organizations back in direct control allowing highly cost-effective, evolutionary DR to be delivered.”

Additional information on Geminare DRaaS and Google Cloud Platform is available at

Additional information on Geminare’s collaboration with Google Cloud Platform is available at

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Geminare is the leading Recovery as a Service (RaaS) technology provider, enabling global Service Providers to successfully launch multi-region RaaS offerings. In market with the #1 ranked RaaS product offering, Geminare’s Cloud Recovery has received the Highest Product Rating Score in Gartner’s 2013 Critical Capabilities for Recovery as a Service Report and represents the industry’s most mature, patented, multi-tiered, and award-winning Cloud-based offering. Geminare’s RaaS Suite has powered the offerings at many of the world’s leading Service Providers including NTT Communications, Cosentry, HP, Columbus Networks, Dimension Data, Iron Mountain, HOSTING and many others. Geminare is headquartered in Silicon Valley, with additional operations in Toronto, Canada.

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