Integration With Google’s Safe Browsing Provides Automatic Health Checks and Instant Alerts for Faster Recovery From Malware Attacks

SAN FRANCISCO, CA and SINGAPORE – Mar 23, 2015 — / — Dropmysite Pte Ltd, a leading website, email and mobile backup service, today announced the introduction of its new Website Blacklist Monitor service that automatically performs health checks of websites multiple times per day and issues instant alerts in the event of a problem. Website Blacklist Monitor integrates Dropmysite’s award-winning self-service website backup tools with Google’s Safe Browsing technology to provide customers with the fastest possible remediation process in the event their website is compromised by malware or phishing attacks. Monitoring is now available free to users of Dropmysite’s secure, automated, cloud-based website backup services, which feature an easy-to-use dashboard and one-click restoration of backed up data. Dropmysite will be demonstrating this new service at WHD Global in Germany, March 24-26.

Billions of website pages are monitored per day in search of unsafe websites, and issued warnings against thousands of new sites daily on search engines and in web browsers. However, many small and medium-sized business (SMB) owners are unaware their website has been blacklisted until they receive a complaint from a customer or navigate to the site themselves and encounter a warning. Blacklist Monitor eliminates the time lag between the emergence of a problem and remediation, minimizing lost revenues and damage to customers’ reputation. Customers are alerted immediately so they can quickly restore a clean website copy with Dropmysite’s one-click restoration feature.

“Blacklisting of websites is an enormous and growing problem, particularly for SMBs,” said Dropmysite COO Ridley Ruth. “As many as 10,000 websites per day are identified as unsafe through browsers and web searches, and companies that are unable to act quickly risk catastrophic setbacks. Website Blacklist Monitor gives website owners peace of mind by detecting problems as soon as they occur, thus enabling fast and effective remediation and minimizing potential downtime and potential damage to their reputation. We will continue to create solutions and technology that enable our customers and partners to focus on their business and be successful online.”

Features of Dropmysite’s Website Blacklist Monitor service include:

  • Multiple daily website checks, with instant alerts via email or text
  • On-demand website monitoring by users
  • Comprehensive website blacklist monitoring history
  • Optional automatic stop of code or file corruption, which interrupts website and database backups upon blacklist detection
  • Complete integration with backup services for one-click restoration of data
  • Support of multiple URLs within a website

Dropmysite self-service backup technology is available directly to website owners or through web hosting companies, ISPs and domain name registrars. For more information, click about the service, click here. To meet at WHD Global, contact

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