Latest Version Speeds Cloud Storage Capabilities and Data Transfer onto Amazon S3; Increases Backup and Archival Capabilities

HOUSTON, TX – April 15, 2015 — / — SoftNAS, one of the bestselling NAS in the cloud, today announced availability of SoftNAS Cloud Version 3.3. Created for cloud environments, SoftNAS provides cloud storage security and speeds backup and archival to Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) in comparison to previous SoftNAS Cloud versions, permitting users to experience performance speed as fast as that of primary data access. SoftNAS keeps customer data totally within the users control while in the cloud.

Extending Security and Data Protection in Cloud Environments
Because SoftNAS was created in the cloud and developed its software on industry standard open source technologies, SoftNAS Cloud Version 3.3 is hypervisor, platform, and hardware agnostic, which offers strong security and flexibility. SoftNAS can also front-end traditional storage solutions and storage area networks (SANs) for greater flexibility and reduced total cost of ownership. New features include:

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cross-zone High-Availability for Private VPCs – SoftNAS offers high availability for Private VPCs with greater deployment flexibility and strong security across AWS Availability Zones.
  • Automatic Drive Sparing – When a failure occurs automatic drive sparing is available using full RAID hot spare protection to rebuild a failed drive from a pre-allocated spare drive.

“We’re pleased that customers are able to buy the latest SoftNAS offering in AWS Marketplace,” said Dave McCann, Vice President, AWS Marketplace, Amazon Web Services, Inc. “AWS Marketplace makes it easier for our AWS customers to quickly access new levels of innovation of the type delivered by SoftNAS 3.3. The global deployment capabilities of AWS Marketplace brings SoftNAS access to potential new customers worldwide.”

“SoftNAS enables migration and ensures deployment of business-critical data and file systems in the cloud are secure and highly-available – it’s as easy as point, click and go,” commented Rick Braddy, CEO of SoftNAS. “SoftNAS further simplifies high-performance storage so customers can stay focused on developing and deploying applications that grow their business.”

More Convenient and Rapid Backup and Archival to the Cloud

  • SoftNAS Cloud Version 3.3 eliminates the need for scripting to conveniently backup and restore consistent SoftNAS storage pools, using multiple Amazon Elastic Block Store (EBS) volumes for an added layer of data protection.
  • Instant writeable SoftNAS SnapClones™ create space efficient copies from snapshots of any volume. Users can create instant read/write snapshot clones of production data that do not occupy appreciable disk space, and conveniently browse SnapClone snapshots from an external NFS or CIFS share. SnapClones are useful for agile development and test without copying large data sets or occupying additional space for temporary copies of large file systems.
  • Deploy SoftNAS as a high-performance Amazon S3 gateway for data archival, backups and off-site storage. SoftNAS kicks into gear even when Internet connectivity is constrained, allowing users to experience performance speed as fast as that of primary data access.
  • Any NFS or CIFS compatible backup tool can be used to store high-speed backups onto local storage, Amazon S3 compatible object storage and iSCSI SANs, including Veeam backups and replicas of VMs. With the Cloud File Gateway Cache for Amazon S3 Compatible Object Storage, backup windows decrease to Amazon S3 from any SoftNAS supported platform.
  • SoftNAS Windows Previous Versions complements server consolidation of Windows Server 2003 end of life migration into the cloud. SoftNAS offers users the ability to schedule snapshots to recover deleted files, view or restore a version of a file that has been saved over, and compare file versions side-by-side without administrator assistance on a variety of platforms.

Expanded AWS Region Support

  • Introduces cross-zone high-availability for private VPCs for strong security and deployment flexibility.
  • Extends support for all AWS Regions, including AWS GovCloud (US) Region for government agencies and customers as well as to the new AWS EU (Frankfurt) Region in Germany for compliance with EU data protection laws.
  • Ensures cloud data is cached locally and copied to highly durable Amazon S3 storage in the background.

With AWS, SoftNAS Cloud provides point-and-click deployment that is easy to install, setup and manage, saving time and resources. SoftNAS offers rapid, agile storage with the ability to run regression tests against large amounts of real-world data along with persistent storage options. SoftNAS offers a pay-as-you-go pricing model to eliminate high up-front costs associated with leasing, renewing or purchasing a new storage solution to support a dynamic SaaS business model.

About SoftNAS
SoftNAS, LLC, is a leading storage software company that provides agile storage software that protects business-critical data across public, private and hybrid clouds. SoftNAS believes storage can be both powerful and frictionless, providing customers with the enterprise-class NAS storage and file gateway capabilities required to safely and reliably operate mission-critical IT systems and applications in the cloud. SoftNAS supports the most popular private, public and hybrid cloud computing platforms, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft® Azure™ and Hyper-V®, VMware® vSphere® and vCloud® Air™.

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