Provides Hassle Free Storage with No Additional Hardware Costs to Manage Backing Up of Copious Amounts of Data and Archiving Limitations

HOUSTON, TX – April 15, 2015 — / — SoftNAS™, the No. 1 bestselling NAS in the cloud, today announced availability of SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway, a complete software-defined solution for on-premise, hybrid and public cloud storage to manage the costly expenses around backing up expansive data and the time required to archive older data. SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway enables on-premise and hybrid cloud storage deployments as a unified shared file system to maximize cost savings and flexibility. Local caching and S3 object storage connectivity make SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway ideal for enterprises, SMBs and departments using on-premise storage and for service providers offering hybrid cloud services, such as backup and archival solutions.

“Hybrid cloud, and by extension hybrid IT, is here to stay. Few companies will only do public or only do private cloud computing, and no company should miss the opportunity to leverage both. In the end, a hybrid of private and public cloud, noncloud, and multiple public cloud services will serve the needs of more companies than any one cloud model alone,” wrote, Daryl Plummer and David Mitchell Smith, Gartner.[1]

According to Research and Markets, an industry research firm, the Cloud Storage Gateway market in the US is expected to grow at a CAGR of more than 54% over the period 2015-2019. In addition, businesses are becoming overwhelmed with data, which is doubling every 18 months according to industry research firm IDC.[2]

“SoftNAS is transforming how IT gets delivered making data available everywhere customers need it, without extra infrastructure or resource investment costs,” commented Rick Braddy, CEO of SoftNAS. “With SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway, organizations can leverage the investment they have already made to access unlimited capabilities for managing data without vendor hardware lock-in.”

Move Beyond Legacy Cloud Gateway Capabilities with a Rich Unified File System
Many departments within SMBs and enterprises struggle with managing disparate islands of data. The current solutions are either too costly to implement or what is available doesn’t create a centralized solution. In addition to providing gateway capabilities, SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway surpasses the singular gateway concept by combining three key components:

  • Access to on-premise and private cloud storage, including SAN, VSAN and S3-compatible object storage
  • Access to public cloud storage, including block and S3-compatible object storage
  • A unified shared file system with NAS filer features accessed via NFS and CIFS/SMB

SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway overcomes S3 object storage limitations enabling customers who want the convenience of a traditional file system and the ability to use S3 compatible object storage to leverage unlimited scalability and realize cost-benefits.

Faster Backup and Archival
Currently, businesses struggle with backups that can cause resource restrictions due to time required to back-up data, on top of increased space needs and/or costly hardware requirements. The SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway Cache for S3 compatible object storage reduces backup windows also from any SoftNAS supported platform including AWS, vSphere, Azure, vCloud Air, Hyper-V to S3. Any NFS or CIFS compatible backup tool can now be used to store high-speed backups using SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway onto local storage, S3 compatible object storage and iSCSI SANs, including market leading back up vendors and replicas of VMs.

With the concurrent release of SoftNAS Cloud Version 3.3, cloud backups to S3 happen up to 10 times faster and backup and archival uses cases are up to 5 times faster. The S3 caching feature allows backups to run faster by caching data locally and copying data to highly-durable AWS S3 cloud storage in the background.

Shared File Storage for VMware VSAN
SoftNAS complements VMware Virtual SAN with the requisite NAS feature set, combined with unified storage access using NFS and CIFS/SMB with Active Directory integration. It extends the VMware environment to include highly durable cloud storage, up to 16 petabytes of secure off-site cloud storage per SoftNAS filer without costly, specialized hardware.

SoftNAS achieves the following:

• Extends Virtual SAN storage with NFS, CIFS/AD and cloud storage

• Offers a full NAS filer feature set, including thin-provisioning, instant snapshots with SnapClones™, RAM and SSD caching, inline deduplication, and data compression.

• Access to patent pending Hybrid HA tunneling provides non-stop Cloud HA across datacenters with block replication, automatic failover and seamless HA storage between a premise-based VMware data center and vCloud Air

Provides a complete software-defined storage solution for private, hybrid and public clouds that is easy to download, install and run on existing VMware vSphere host with a feature set including:

• Encrypted cloud storage

• Highly durable cloud storage

• SSD caching for high performance

• Accessible via standard NFS, CIFS protocols

• No specialized hardware required

• Transforms VMware into a complete storage solution

• Multi-tenant capable for service providers

Expanded Platform Support to Extend Storage Investments
Service providers can use SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway to help customers cut costs by simplifying their expensive NAS hardware to simple block storage while also providing rich file capabilities and shared storage provisioning customers demand. For companies with larger capacity needs, more complex requirements, and more users who need access, SoftNAS provides multi-tenancy capabilities within a single hypervisor host with a dedicated virtual appliance per customer. SoftNAS allows movement of a customer’s archive and backup data off of primary iSCSI or NAS in on-premise datacenters to save space on production NAS/SAN arrays, so customers can extend the storage investment lifespan by delaying the purchase of new storage infrastructure.

“SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway brings a combination of lower costs with simple block storage while also providing the flexibility to offer multi-tenancy capabilities in a single instance. Partnering with SoftNAS enables our customers to realize long term savings by extending the life span of their storage investment.” – Luke Norris, CEO

“SoftNAS Cloud File Gateway fills a key void in the market, enabling us to provide our customers both a file gateway as well as cloud NAS services with our S3 compatible object storage on our VMware Infrastructure. This enables us to more easily and cost-effectively address German and EU compliance and data protection standards.” – Axel Dunkel, CEO Dunkel GmbH.

“SoftNAS has taken the leadership position because their technology facilitates business in the cloud. SoftNAS delivers an important component to the reliability and scalability benefits offered using S3 compatible storage bringing new capabilities for the next generation cloud deployment.” – Francesco Baroncini, EVP Business Development BCLOUD Srl –

About SoftNAS
SoftNAS™, LLC, is a leading storage software company that provides agile storage software that protects business-critical data across public, private and hybrid clouds. SoftNAS gives organizations the power of data portability and access, providing enterprise-class NAS storage and file gateway capabilities required to safely and reliably operate IT systems and applications in the cloud. SoftNAS offers hassle-free storage and supports the most popular public, private, and hybrid cloud computing platforms, including Amazon AWS™, Microsoft® Azure™ and Hyper-V®, VMware® vSphere® and vCloud® Air™.

[1] – Gartner. Hybrid Cloud Is Driving the Shift From Control to Coordination, Daryl C. Plummer, David Mitchell Smith, 19 September 2013, refreshed 4 August 2014.

[2] – IDC Digital Universe Study, sponsored by EMC, June 2011.

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