Leading Provider of Cloud-Based Email and Calendar Solutions Deploys Adaptive Flash Platform to Support Nearly One Million Email Users

SAN JOSE, CA – Apr 16, 2015 — /BackupReview.info/ — As one of the fastest growing Software as a Service (SaaS) and application providers in the world, BlueTie Inc. supports thousands of businesses and millions of users with its cloud-based e-mail, calendaring, and collaboration solutions and application suite. As BlueTie’s business rapidly expanded to support nearly one million users, the SaaS provider evaluated and selected Adaptive Flash storage arrays from Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL), the flash storage solutions company. As a result, the SaaS provider realized a dramatic reduction in data center footprint, increased application performance, and obtained an immediate return on investment.

Prior to deploying Nimble, BlueTie relied on aging legacy storage that kept its IT organization busy managing various components across its data center, resulting in operational complexity and inefficiency that increased costs and stifled IT productivity. It became increasingly apparent that BlueTie needed to either upgrade its existing environment or switch to a different storage platform. BlueTie decided it was time to evaluate new technologies gaining momentum in the storage market with the following goals for its IT infrastructure: reduce the company’s data center footprint; optimize performance for its email platform supporting nearly one million users; scale storage capacity to support expansion space; and keep a couple of pennies in its pocket for a rainy day. After evaluating a number of storage vendors, BlueTie determined the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform was the only solution that could meet the four criteria.

Following a seamless transition to the Nimble Adaptive Flash platform, the company has realized impressive gains in application performance, storage capacity, as well as a reduction in its overall data center footprint. According to Robert Doty, President and CEO at BlueTie, “We are now hosting over 800,000 mailboxes on our Nimble storage, and are nowhere near the performance ceiling of that array. We like the way the Nimble CASL file system ‘sequentializes’ random writes into large sequential stripes. We knew that model would be a good fit for us, since our data is so random. Nimble had the perfect solution for our needs.”

The company experienced a reduction in processing power required to operate BlueTie’s production environment because the storage subsystem performance increased significantly. The reduced system load has enabled BlueTie to operate its mail service using far fewer servers – a reduction of 33U to just 10U – with a reduction of its storage footprint from 3-1/2 racks to 12U of Nimble. As a result of the footprint reduction, BlueTie is now saving more than $36,000 in power costs on an annualized basis. Nimble also provided 1.3X compression on all of BlueTie’s data, allowing the organization to remove its previous software compression functionality, freeing up an additional 16TB of storage.

Since deploying Nimble, BlueTie has slashed its IT support costs significantly. “We were paying $70,000 per year for support on our old platform which we were able to eliminate entirely by switching to Nimble,” said Doty. “When you add that savings to our $36,000 cut in electricity costs each year, the Nimble array will easily pay for itself in just a few years. Everything is running very smoothly on Nimble, in contrast to the myriad problems we were having with our legacy provider. Nimble designed and built the arrays specifically for the needs of our organization. I really appreciate that!”

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Nimble Storage (NYSE: NMBL) is redefining the storage market with its Adaptive Flash platform. Nimble’s flash storage solutions enable the consolidation of all workloads and eliminate storage silos by providing enterprises with significant improvements in application performance and storage capacity. At the same time, Nimble delivers superior data protection, while simplifying business operations and lowering costs. At the core of the Adaptive Flash platform is the patented Cache Accelerated Sequential Layout (CASL) architecture and InfoSight, an automated cloud-based management and support system that maintains storage system peak health. More than 5,000 enterprises, governments, and service providers have deployed Nimble’s flash storage solutions across 38 countries. For more information about Nimble Storage, visit www.nimblestorage.com and follow us on Twitter: @nimblestorage.

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